OTK Boots_Kate Spade_Stripes_Turtleneck

Fall Sweater_Stripes_OTK Boots

OTK Boots_Fall Sweater

OTK Boots_Stripes

Ripped Denim_OTK Boots
Sweater: Boohoo
Jeans: American Eagle (BOGO 50% off) 
OTK boots: DSW

The third and final way to style one of your basic fall sweaters! This might be my second favorite of the week. I am completely in love with these OTK boots. I've always wanted a pair but haven't been able to find any that fit my calves... until now! I got them at DSW and they were under $60 - score. I've linked them above if you're interested.

Stripes are always a win-win for me too. Just a little something to add to a monochromatic look. 

On a more serious note - or serious for me at the moment. How in the heck do people stay motivated to work out?! I'm on the struggle bus right now. 

I was doing so well over the summer (yes, it's been that long) and then missed a couple of workouts and it went down hill from there. I just finished an at home work out and feel like I might die... I guess it was a success? 

I'm hoping that today was the start of something good. I need to work out. I want to work out. Or I think I want to work out until I'm actually doing it and then I'm asking myself what the hell I was thinking. 

I always feel so much better after I work out but the sofa, my computer, phone and junk food are all calling my name when I get home from work. Does that happen to you too? Do you guys have any recommendations on how to stay motivated? Other than seeing how out of shape you really are... ugh. 

You know what I wish? I wish I was still in high school having to run laps and stretch everyday in cheerleading. Back then we thought it was so horrible, now I'm wishing I had someone to crack the whip and keep me in shape! Funny how that changes. 

I am just on a soap box tonight. I want to love to work out how I see others loving it. Or are they faking it? haha. I'm sure it's a process, I am just not great at waiting. 

Instant gratification should be my middle name. 

In other news, it's Friday! Eek. OH, and my sister closed on her house yesterday. So excited for her! Let the shopping begin. 

Hope y'all have a great weekend! I'll be waiting for your incredible advice on how to continue working out. Don't leave me hangin'! 


  1. I find that I have to make a goal and put it out there, right now I'm dedicated to working out three days a week no matter what. It makes me feel better even though I don't actually enjoy working out, you know? Lately I have been doing a Beachbody challenge my friend set me up with and I do those videos at 6am before everyone wakes up. I like getting workouts out of the way! I also switch it up and do the gym as well. I have been in a rut and this has helped me out of it;)

    1. That's a great plan! Maybe I'll start with a few days a week and force myself to do it. I found in the past that although it's hard to get up earlier than your alarm typically goes off, it does make me feel so accomplished by the end of the day. Plus, it's great knowing that you've already worked out and you really can chill without feeling guilty. :) Thanks for the advice!

  2. LOve how versatile your sweater is. Great looks!