Casual Boho Look with Ripped Denim

Boho Look with aztec vest and suede booties

Boho Aztec Vest

Casual Boho Outfit

Boho Vest, Suede Booties and Ripped denim
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Hey there! Happy Monday. 

What a great weekend it was in the Ryan household. To start off, I made it back to Dallas earlier than expected on Friday and my work trip was pretty good as well. It's funny how much better a work trip is when you travel with a partner. A little conversation and a few laughs can go a long way.

Not only did I come home at a decent time rather than my original late flight but Chris had also cleaned the house. I mean... done. Night. Made. We had a quick dinner date and called it a night. 

Saturday was fun too. I went to my niece's basketball game and then headed to my parents house. We pretty much did nothing but that's exactly what I was wanting for the weekend. Madi definitely did not let me forget that we had a sushi date though. I guess I'm not cool enough to hang with, so her friend Emily tagged along too. 

You know what's funny? I pick the two girls up, all smiles and we head on our way. I'm expecting a crazy car ride - loud music, snap chats, laughs, everything. But they were really quiet. I mean really quiet. 

Come to find out... they were both cut off on their data and couldn't be on their phones. Really? This surprised me. Not the fact that they were both cut off on data, I mean - they are on their phones non-stop. But the fact that they didn't have ANYTHING to talk about in the car is crazy to me. Anyone else? 

Eventually they snapped out of it and started talking but I legit think they didn't know what to do since they couldn't be on their phones. Um... hello! Technology is ruining us.

I'm not even going to start on that subject. I'm a firm believer that we should not be letting technology take over. But again, not going there.

We ended up having a great time on our sushi date. They thought Dallas was so cool and felt so fancy eating sushi. It was great. 

Sunday was chill too. The girls stayed the night and we got in multiple rounds of UNO before heading back to the 'rents. We celebrated my brother's birthday with lunch and family movies. Good times! 

We ended the weekend with blog photos and a burger date at Off Site Kitchen. Chris's first time there, I think it was a success. 

I wish every weekend could be as great as this one. It was the first weekend in a while where I didn't feel tired from all of the things I had on my plate even before the weekend started. 

Taking a moment to slow down and enjoy the day is exactly what I needed. The blue and pink cotton candy sky on Sunday definitely helped me do that. God is good.

Thanks for following along and reading y'all! Hope you had a great weekend too.