Happy Wednesday loves!

 Are y'all catching up from Daylight Savings yet? Monday was a struggle. I love it only because it gets dark later. That is my favorite! I feel like I have so much time after work to get stuff done... yay! 

I definitely feel like my mood increases a ton when the time changes. There's just something about being able to come home while its still light outside, hang on the back porch and take the pups on a long walk. I feel so bad when they're stuck in the house all day and we're not able to get out. 

Speaking of... Ollie snapped her leash this weekend on our walk. She took off running and just when it should have pulled her back, it snapped. Oh fat girl. 

She did start running but then I guess she was wondering why her leash hadn't pulled her back yet. She looked back, all baffled and waited for Chris to run and catch up to her. It was pretty funny! But honestly, my heart was also pounding a thousand times a minute. 

I'm not sure I'm cut out to be a Mom. I already freak out over my dogs. Can y'all imagine me with a human? 

Top (fave!) | Sunglasses 

Another funny story - the last sentence made me think of it. 

So last weekend Chris and I were taking the dogs on a walk (sound familiar?) Anyway, Chris had taken off Ollie's collar to tighten it and then started to put it back on. 

If you know my dogs at all, nothing is an easy task... especially when they know they're about to go on a walk. 

So Chris was putting on her collar, Ollie was jumping and turning and acting a fool. I'm trying to hold her still when I hear *snap* the collar buckling. BUT... something wasn't right. 

Chris seriously thought that he had completed his task. 

I look up and I'm all "Chris, it's in her mouth"! Her collar was partly around her neck (the back) and then in her mouth. INSIDE her mouth, y'all. 

I died laughing. I was crying. Chris was crying and Ollie was looking around like what the hell is happening, guys?! Eventually we got our crap together and put her collar on correctly, but for real, how will we ever be able to keep a human alive?! I'm a little concerned. haha. 

Maybe that's why we've yet to be blessed with a baby. We are not ready. 

We thought it was pretty funny. Our dogs probably didn't think so. Hope it brightened your day a bit. 

Thanks for hanging around guys! But please tell me, have you done anything remotely as ridiculous as above?  


  1. Yes you would be fine with a baby! You just laugh about the same things and keeping them alive somehow?! Trust me, I'm no more qualified than you, ha!

    1. haha, I hope so! Though, I am guilty for locking my baby niece in the house while she was sleeping ON THE COUCH. That was a rough one... I called my sister in a panic! But, in my defense it was a really long time ago and my sister had a fancy lock.