Pairing colorful tassel earrings with basic chambray top for a casual day look.

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Why has it taken me so long to buy white jeans - WHY?! Now that I have them I want to wear them with every. single. top. 

White jeans are so much more fun than regular ole denim, dontcha think? I feel like even the most casual outfits (today's look) feel more put together with white denim. If you don't currently have a pair, I highly recommend you invest in some. I got these from American Eagle, but I also like these and these

Another thing I'm overly and completely obsessed with at the moment? Bright colored tassel earrings. I have been eyeing these babies for quite some time from Baublebar. They finally had a sale and I snatched them up. I'm wishing I would have gotten another color, too. 

I'm a fan of simple stud earrings and have been for quite some time, but these pretties may have just turned over a new leaf. I couldn't stop smiling during this shoot and I'm pretty sure it was the earrings. Call me crazy, but really! 

Pair fun tassel earrings and white denim with what, you ask? A basic chambray top did the trick. I love how this look turned out. It's so simple but sometimes that's exactly what you need. A cute off the shoulder top would have been killer for this look too! I can't keep my eyes off of this one and also, I'm so excited for this one to launch in our shop soon. How cute, right? 

What's your go-to top and accessories when wearing white jeans? And how the heck do you keep white jeans so... white? It never fails that I always spill something when I'm wearing them. Figures. 

Anyone else? 

How to wear white jeans for spring and summer

Styling colorful tassel earrings with chambray and white

Casual spring and summer outfit with white denim and sleeveless chambray top



  1. white jeans make every outfit feel more like summer. So far I've had mine a few years, and they aren't as white as they used to be, but just keep a tide pen on you & wash them soon thereafter you spill haha.

    xo, Maddy

    1. They really do - I'm loving them! I wanted a pair every summer and then somehow I just never got around to getting a pair. I finally did though, and I love them! I'll get a tide pen.. or maybe two! haha.