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Hey, y'all! As promised, I am finally sharing my thoughts on the new shampoo and conditioner from Tresemme. 

I've used Tresemme in the past and have always loved it! With me, I feel like once I use the same product for an extended period of time my hair (or skin) doesn't respond to it the same way. So I'm not currently using Tresemme, but I will be after I trying this. 

I think it's time for a switch-up in my routine anyway. 

Have you heard about this product yet? I had not before I was contacted to receive samples and share my thoughts. Upon first look I was like, what the heck? Essentially, you condition first and then shampoo. What?! Yep, exactly what I was thinking. 

The thoughts (or research) behind this is that conditioning last can leave your hair feeling heavy and in turn, flat. I don't know about you, but in Texas, we don't like flat hair! 

I tried it. It was weird at first, but I tried it. My hair didn't feel as soft getting out of the shower, but once it was dry and styled is when I really noticed the difference. Typically if I wear my hair straight, it only looks like a comb has been through it the first 5 minutes it's done. After that, I look like I've been in a wind storm all day. I don't know why my hair does this! Does that happen to anyone else? 

Anyway, I'm getting sidetracked. So, after trying this product and straightening my hair, it stayed straight and soft all freaking day. I don't understand how or why, but it did. Other than the shampoo and conditioner, I used the same products that I always do. 

I was hoping for a bit more shine, and honestly didn't see a change with that, but I'll take it. If I'm able to look like I just put a comb through my hair come 5:30 - all is good in the world. Needless to say, I've been wearing my hair straight 90% of the time. That never happens.

Oh, and it gave me a bit more volume, too! 

I haven't gotten my full sized products yet, but I will be. I love being able to try new products and share with you guys. If it weren't for a free sample, I would have probably never tried it. I'm a creature of habit. 

If you're willing to step outside your typical box, check out the products here. Let me know if you give it a go, I'd love to hear your feedback. 

Thanks for reading!

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