Hey friends! Today, as promised (well, actually a day late) I am sharing a gift guide for the men in your life. I have included options for any budget - some more practical than others. 

I tried to think of things that Chris would like, and stuff I would also buy for him. And maybe there's something that I would like for myself... the organizer of all his things. Ha! I'm sure he doesn't want that, but I thought it was cool. I mean, why do guys leave their stuff on every surface in the house?! 

If you don't buy it for your man, at least get it for your sanity! Check out the guide below, and my thoughts on each of the items at the bottom of the post. 

1 // Bose speaker - Speakers are always a good idea, especially for those who are out and active. Great for camping, going to the lake, hanging with friends or entertaining in general. 

2 // New Balance sneakers. I for one LOVE this new style, and love the price tag even more. It's not everyday that you can snag a nice pair of sneakers for under $80. Chris liked them too... and he is SUPER picky about shoes. 

3 // North Face gloves. I think these are a great cold weather accessory for anyone who lives anywhere but Texas. Ha! Plus they work with your touch-screen phones, and you know we're all glued to those... 

4 // Nike pull-over. This is a must-have in my book. Guys can wear these any time. I snagged a few for the men in my life! 

5 // Nightstand Dock. How cute is this? It's fun and functional and that's why I love it! Now, if we can just get our guys to actually put their stuff on it... right?! 

6 // Money clip. Love that you can customize this. Great inexpensive gift option. 

7 // Travel Shaving Kit. If your man travels a lot, or if you guys travel a lot - I think this is a great accessory to have. 

8 // Cozy Slippers. Another must-have. I don't know how many pairs of these I have gifted in the past, but slippers are ALWAYS a good idea! Another budget-friendly option as well. 

9 // Yeti Cooler. Now this is a little (okay, a lot) on the expensive side, but I wanted to share items for any budget. Guys love YETI. They're kind of obsessed. Why is that?! Anyway, get this and you'll be the wife/girlfriend/mom of the year! 

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