I have always been the kind of girl that gets excited over organization. A clean closet, organized cabinet, baskets/bins and folders - yes, please!

Give me something to clean and organize (besides dishes), and I could stay put all day. That's about the only thing that could keep me inside for an entire day without going stir crazy. I was also the kid growing up that got so excited for school to start. My favorite part was buying new school supplies and organizing my backpack for the first day.

Was anyone else that way?

I'm still kind of that way now. I love thinking of ways to declutter and organize my life, and I find myself strolling down the pen aisle because I just love pens. Ha! I'm not sure how this post is making me look...

Well, this is the real me!

Anyway, as we came to the close of 2018 I told Chris that this year I wanted to focus on organizing our home. I can't wait to get my hands on the garage and the pantry, but I decided to start small with our bathroom. I knew I wanted smaller compartments to separate things, and definitely open bins so that everything is easily accessible (I made the mistake of having bins with lids before and it was so annoying).

Other than that, I wasn't quite sure where to start. When you don't know where to start what to you do? Scroll Pinterest! Both good and bad. Pinterest is great for giving you ideas, but it is so easy to get overwhelmed, and all of the pictures look like absolute perfection, and sometimes that can be discouraging.

I pinned a few things, you can see those here, and also scrolled Instagram for some inspiration.

Instead of over-thinking which I usually do I dove in head first. A few tips that I would recommend:

FIRST: Take photos of the areas of concern. This basically gives you an inventory of everything you need to organize. It helped me a ton when I was shopping, and kept me from forgetting a container for that one random thing.

SECOND: Measure the areas, specifically your drawers! The cabinets are a little easier to work with, but you might also measure the areas surrounding your pipes so that you don't get a basket or something too large for the space. The worst thing in my opinion is getting home and realizing that you can't finish because something didn't fit. If you are anything like me, the task has to be done immediately!

THIRD: Scroll through the photos that you pinned or saved, and narrow down which style you want to go with. There are so many options on baskets, trays and containers - it is less overwhelming if you have an idea on which direction you want to go before you are in the store. Now, shop!

The next few steps are after you've shopped, and are ready to begin! 

FOURTH: I took everything out from our cabinets and drawers, and started to throw away the things that I haven't used in forever, or random things that compiled over time. For me, starting with my area first helped, and then I moved on to Chris's cabinet. I knew that our things wouldn't cross-over to the other persons cabinet so it saved my sanity to only pull items out one cabinet at a time. After you toss the "extra stuff", create piles - I did: makeup/nail, daily routine (facial products, hairspray, lotion, deodorant), hair products, and then the things that I use very rarely.

FIFTH: Organize and restock your cabinets/drawers! I purchased containers of some sort for each of the categories (piles) I mentioned above. You can find a breakdown of the products we used below for our cabinets, and main bathroom drawer along with photos for inspiration!

Under cabinet bathroom organization

Clear makeup and nail polish organizer

Under cabinet organization products

Makeup and manicure set organizers

Makeup and nail supplies - clear organizers: I found my makeup organizers at Home Goods (this is always a hit or miss). You can find similar makeup holders here or here. I like the clear plastic ones that are stackable and have both smaller and larger slots. This gives you more options for what type of product it can hold.

Daily products - lazy susan: This is my favorite of everything! On it I put the items that I use the most, and I have been enjoying it SO much. So easy to turn and grab a product instead of trying to grab something from the back of the cabinet (like before) and knocking everything over. Do you know how many times I would get pissed about that? No longer, y'all!

Hair products - bamboo basket: For my hair dryer, brushes and curling irons I opted for a bamboo basket. I have these bamboo baskets in my bathrooms, and to hold the boys bath time products so I wanted to keep it consistent. They come in a variety of sizes and can be used for many things. The size I got holds three brushes, a curling wand, straightener and hair dryer with space to spare.

Miscellaneous items - clear bin: For the random things (shoe cleaner, extra products, makeup bags, etc.) I opted for a frosted open bin. No specific reason for this exact bin, I just wanted something less expensive than the bamboo basket that I knew would be at the back of the cabinet. I also got these same bins for the boys bathroom and our other cabinet, so keeping it overall consistent throughout the house.

Drawer - clear trays: All I knew here was that I wanted things broken up into smaller sections. There are so many options out there for sizes and shapes, and what I found ended up working perfectly. There are also bulk options which include anywhere from 3 to 5 trays and end up being slightly less expensive. Just pay attention to the overall dimensions and you shouldn't have any issues! I will say that having our q-tips in the drawer instead of in the cabinet below has been a lot more convenient. It's the small things! There are more color options for the drawer trays here

And that's what I got, y'all! I hope this inspires some of you to declutter and organize your life as well. I promise you will feel so much better afterwards. Start small and it won't be overwhelming. I'll share more once I tackle the kitchen and garage. Those should be fun!

Until next time.

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