You guys! It's May. Can we believe that? I honestly cannot believe it. This year has truly flown by. I guess that's good though, I was wishing away 2019 before 2019 was even here!

Anyway, I wanted to recap some things that I shared in April that you guys were loving. But let me take a second to first say thank you. Thank you for everyone who continues to read, share, purchase, click a link, like a photo, comment - anything and everything. Thank you SO much. It means a lot.

I will say that I have seen a huge difference between last year and this year with the amount of purchases and support from everyone.

I don't know if I am posting more of what you really want to see, or if you guys finally trust me after like 5 years, ha! Either way, thanks so much! It makes me happy to know that what I am sharing is helping someone in some way. And it makes the time here well spent.

Alright, moving on. I am going to start with a few beauty products. Never in a million years did I think I would be sharing beauty on here, but hey, y'all spoke and I'm listening. SO many of y'all have messaged me or stopped me in person to tell me you tried these products and love them just as much as I do. Now, these are not products for my dry skin girls. Oily ladies only. But they are game changers, and all drugstore brands. Holla!

Baby Skin - Um, where the heck have I been?! I saw this on Project Runway and figured I'd give it a try. If you have large pores, or any pores that you want to minimize the appearance of, go ahead and add this to your cart. It's GOOD. 

Infallible Pro-Matte - Again, this works pretty dang well. I was on the struggle bus with foundation. Bought $50 NARS foundation and absolutely hated it. Hated it. I was overly annoyed so figured I would get something less expensive for a bit, and actually, I really like this stuff. I apply it with a damp beauty blender. I hear these dupes from Amazon are legit, if you're interested. 

Stay Matte Primer - I am not usually a primer gal but I was feeling desperate so I bought all the things. I have been using all three of these products daily and can honestly say I have noticed a difference in my makeup. It lasts much longer, and doesn't look like I went to hell and back by the time I get home from work. I mean, some days, but that's just life right?

Styling a basic dress with hair tie and sandals

Next up, this striped dress. If you like comfy basics this is for you! I said it before and I'll say it again that my favorite part is the longer sleeve. Nothing fancy about it just a good ole basic. You can style it with a denim jacket, plaid shirt around your waist, knotted tee, sneakers, sandals, wedges; unlimited options. Comes in a ton of colors and always on sale. 

A few more fashion pieces that I'm liking. 

Nude Sandals - I got a lot of compliments on these. They are a great everyday option, but not too casual. I like having sandals like this that I can wear to work without feeling like I'm in a flip-flop. The color is pretty too. 

High-waisted Jeans - These jeans fit like a glove and I love them so much. Pair them with a tucked in crisp white tee and the sandals that are shown - perfection! A little more on the pricey side (if you're a budget shopper like me) but worth it in my opinion. Definitely a pair that I will invest in again! 

Olive Tank - Anything olive catches my eye anytime I'm shopping, so this was no surprise. What was a surprise were the cute buttons down the back. I thought that was a nice touch! I wear the exact look above with a light-weight cardigan for work as well. The front is solid so its a good opportunity to layer some necklaces too. 

Oh, oh! How could I forget. The one thing that I got so many DMs on from my insta-story: the boys electronic toothbrush. If you have kids, BUY this. I promise it won't disappoint. The boys went from whining and having meltdowns during teeth cleaning to smiling and getting excited about it. By far worth the $15. You can thank me later! 

I think that wraps up most of what I shared in April. If there is anything else that you want to know about or see that I share and need more details on, let me know! 

Until next time. 

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