We went camping with our entire family on Easter weekend and I wanted to recap for you guys. The last time Chris and I went to Whispering Pines in Tyler I was pregnant with the boys. This time, they were running wild!

If you like camping or are looking for a quick weekend getaway, I highly recommend this park. It was a ton of fun!

Sleeping Arrangements: My parents have an RV so they got a nice little spot near all of the activities. A few of our family members got tent sites, and my sister and I got cabins. We wanted to stay in a cabin hoping that the boys would sleep well. All of the different types of sites are separated from each other, but luckily we were in walking distance of each other as well.

They have so many options for cabins, you can check those out here. Because we weren't staying long and we didn't want to drop a ton of money, we opted for the Bunk Cabin. We knew we only needed a bed for Chris and I, but enough space to lay out playpens for the boys to sleep. I didn't get a picture of the exterior (dang it!), but I did snap a few from inside. It was cute and cozy. Perfect for sleeping. We didn't spend much time in it past that.

My family did tease us though, because ours (from the outside) was definitely one of the cabins that had been there a while. It was, we'll call it, rustic. The others were recently updated and appeared nicer. BUT, it's true - don't judge a book by it's cover. It was cute on the inside, and worked just a nicely as any other.

Camp site Jellystone at Whispering Pines

Activities: SO many activities, which I why I think this is perfect if you have younger kids. We didn't do all of them but a few we participated in were the scavenger hunt, Easter egg hunt, ceramic painting, shuffleboard and putt-putt.

They also have tennis, volleyball, an adult pool, a hot tub (my brother loved this!) and so many other fun events. I said young kids, but honestly I think there is something for every age group.

The boys - Knox mostly, Liam was feeling under the weather - enjoyed the kids pool area. The water ranged from 6" to 12" deep and that was nice. It also had a lot of slides and a huge bucket that poured water on the kids... the bigger kids were having a blast with that. Knox enjoyed the splash pad the most.

Around the pool area they also have a snack bar, sno-cones, dip and dots and of course restrooms.

The weather was so perfect on Saturday and we got to enjoy some time in the sun! I will say though, nothing having to do with the park, that coloring Easter eggs is not all it appears to be. I mean... disaster. It was an experience none the less, but not exactly how I pictured it in my mind. First, I didn't get vinegar because well, who the hell knew you were supposed to get that?! #firsttimemom  And one and a half year olds have no attention span (shocker!). Plus, my family is dysfunctional.

Maybe next year...

Rentals: My parents and our cousins rented a golf cart for the weekend. The park doesn't allow you to bring in your own golf carts, four-wheelers, etc. You can bring bikes and such, which we did, and they were also very convenient. Anything large and motorized they don't allow in. The golf carts were a hit though with everyone in the park. They were great for lugging things back and forth, and taking the boys on a ride when they needed a change in scenery.

Overall it was such a great weekend spent with family. We had a fish fry, played Pictionary, set by the fire and roasted s'mores, laughed and created memories.

It is definitely a park that we will visit again. I wish I would have snapped more, but I was too busy chasing the boys. Ha!

Until next time.

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