It's Friday and I'm now back in the Big D with my hubs and pup! California was awesome, just as I expected. The weather was gorgeous and I even had a little time to squeeze in Rodeo Drive. Even better!

Although we all know I can't afford anything on Rodeo Drive, but it was fun seeing into a bit of the glamorous Beverly Hills lifestyle. My family tried talking me into pretending I was Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman but I just couldn't do it. Maybe next time! 

So on to today's post. I decided to show you some of my favorite makeup items. Now, before you see the images below, I swear I'm not a MAC snob. I actually didn't own MAC until a couple of years ago, but I've kinda been sucked in. Not fully sucked in, but kinda. 

Also, the Sigma brushes shown, I absolutely love these! I first found out about these through Jaclyn Hill on You Tube. If you haven't watched her videos, it's a must! She is hilarious, not to mention her make up is absolutely gorgeous. So, shout out to Jaclyn if you happen to be reading my blog. :) 

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Hope you enjoy! And cheers to the weekend. I have a busy one.

Signing... Steph

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