Hey ladies! Hope you all are having a fabulous week. 

I wanted to keep today's outfit pretty simple. Maybe not so much today, but that's how I was feeling Sunday when I decided to throw this together. :) I'm especially excited about this shirt I got for Christmas. I LOVE the detailed sleeves. Isn't it pretty cute? I mean, simple up top... party at the bottom?! Okay, maybe not. Moving on. 

Anyway, so I originally had jeans on with this outfit and then brown moto pants and then the green pants I landed on. Not sure what my deal is with green lately, it just seemed to work. I feel like they add just a bit more excitement to the outfit rather than just a pair of blue jeans. You feel me? And of course, what's the outfit without my new MK clutch and the wonderful booties that I am overly obsessed with. I would love to tell you that as soon as spring and summer roll around you'll probably stop seeing them, but I'd probably be lying. I'm already excited to pair them with a pair of boyfriend shorts and even a few summer dresses. Eek! I'm so excited for the warmer weather. 

Speaking of, when I woke up on Monday morning it was 16 degrees. In Texas?! I don't think so. We're not made for that. I'm not sure how others are dealing with the even colder weather. Nope, not okay. 

Enough of my rambling. Hope you enjoy today's outfit post. Side note, I've linked up on another blogger's website, Meagan with Because of Jackie to show how we wear color during the cold months. Such a cute blog. You should check it out along with all of the other bloggers that linked up - HERE. As always, thanks for reading. Love you all. OH and if you can't tell... it was super sunny outside on Sunday. Ha! Sorry. 


  1. You didn't post where you got this cute shirt! :P

    1. You're right... sorry about that! haha. I actually couldn't find it online, but the store it's from is Tilly's. Not sure if you've shopped there before, but I died when I went in there! SO much cute stuff. :)

    2. No I have never been there before. I'll have to check it out!