Well hello there! It's not very often I post on a Tuesday night. It's for good reason though. 

As you all know the giveaway ended last night. It was my first giveaway and I have to say it was a SUCCESS! Thank you all for stopping by and entering! 

Now, I've already contacted the winner via email and she has gladly accepted the prize, so I thought I'd go ahead and announce it on here as well. The winner is.... Julia Hall! :) Congratulations and thanks so much for entering!

Everyone else, don't be bummed. There will definitely be more giveaways in the near future. It's a new year and I plan to do great things with this blog! And who knows... I may be teaming up with fellow bloggers sometime this year for an even BIGGER giveaway. Oh yeah! 

Last thing, I linked up to another blogger's website... Meagan with Because of Jackie. Definitely go check out her blog along with all of the other fun bloggers that have linked up... HERE!

Anyway, you ladies have a fabulous night... new post bright and early in the AM. 


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