Hey y'all! It's Tuesday and I don't normally post but I found this great link-up through another blogger and thought it would be so fun to try. So, I'm trying it. The link up is "I'm the kinda girl who..."

So, below I've listed what I think best finishes that statement. Enjoy! 

I'm the kinda girl who... 

:: won't talk to you unless you talk to me first. 
:: never makes decisions when in a group. I  hate to decide on something that someone else may not be up for. 
:: can't say no. 
:: talks in a crazy voice to my pup. 
:: over analyzes every situation. 
:: has to write everything down, even if it's right in front of me on the computer. I will forget if I don't write it down. 
:: gets nervous even if I know what I'm doing. 
:: becomes much more confident when left to figure something out by myself. If I have someone around to ask, I'll use it as a crutch. 
:: continues to do for others even if I've been hurt by them in the past. 
:: would rather text than talk. 
:: hates when I'm not in control. 
:: checks social media way too often. I wish I could leave my phone for an entire week. 
:: needs a map. I have no sense of direction. 
:: dances. A lot. 
:: obsesses over whatever I'm currently interested in. 
:: loves live music. 
:: would do anything for my family. 
:: is an over-the-top a mama bear to my baby brother (it's bad, I know). 
:: must listen to music while getting ready.
:: eats way too much junk food. 
:: craves great conversation. 
:: dreams of learning how to play the drums. 
:: destroys my closet in order to find one outfit. 
:: has to try something if I see it and think I can do it. I can't just walk away.  
:: drops the "F" bomb daily. I'm not proud of this. I'm working on it. 
:: wishes I could sing. I would totally rock out. 
:: never drives the speed limit. Always over.
:: needs organization. 

What kind of girl are you?! 

Have a great week. Thanks for reading! 

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