Casual summer look with Cat eyed sunglasses, crochet top and tassel necklace

Casual Summer Boho Look with crochet top and Half Top Knot

Half up Top Knot, Cat Eye Sunglasses and Crochet Top

Summer bohemian look, crochet top, cross body and tassel necklace

Shirt: Rio Ritz (no longer available but tons of other cute stuff) 
Sunnies: She Inside
Tassel Necklace: The Happy Goose Shop 

Happy Monday friends! I can't get enough of this look. From the half top knot to the sunnies and the crochet top, this is just me. If I had to dress one way every single day and had no other options, this would be it. It makes my heart happy! 

Not too much going on today. It's Monday, so back to the grind. I had quite the crazy end to last week so I'll have a day playing catch up at work. That's always fun! 

In other news, Chris and I randomly decided that we were going to turn one of our closets into a linen closet. I say random, but the truth is that Pinterest got the best of me. Does that happen to anyone else? Either way, it's almost done and I can hardly stand it. I can't wait to organize. Organization is my life! 

I don't know what it is about me lately, but I've been all about Pinterest and my house. Maybe it's that we've been here over a year and are still missing furniture. I mean... ugh. 

But, I'm overly excited to get some things done around here. So much so that I bought a new rug for the living room. Yay! It's so bold and colorful, but hey, that's how I'm feeling at the moment so why not?! If you're interested it's here and 70% off. Killer deal. 

Enough house talk. Hope everyone has a fantastic week! 

Oh if you're curious, the winner of the giveaway a couple of weeks ago was Tamra Gannon. She gladly accepted the gift card. Thanks to all who entered! 

Let's kick Monday's ass. 


  1. Obsessed with your outfit. Love the boho vibe.


  2. I love this entire look on you, but I'm not surprised…I love all of your looks! And also, it's YOUR FAULT I bought that Nordstrom tunic in two colors, you definitely sold me on it with your post!

    1. So sweet, thank you! haha... I'm sorry! It was just too good! I even went back to buy another color BUT it was sold out in my size. Sad day. I can't wait to see your looks!

  3. UM gorge! Obsessed. Wish I could pull this look off but I'm thinking the bald/cancer no hair sitch might not fit with this outfit and boho look. Perhaps next time we wig shop, I'll shop for a half top knot.

    1. THANK YOU! haha, you are a mess! I know you could pull of this look too, but for real, I'm down to go wig shopping again... especially for a top knot! That would be so fun. It's a must have for the vlogging world, don't you think?

  4. Love this boho look, color of that shirt is beautiful.