Casual Gray Tee and Camo Hat

Casual summer outfit with boyfriend jeans and a hat

Casual summer look with boyfriend jeans and a basic tee.

Tee: Kohls (my favorite! On sale for $12.99 - multiple colors) 
Watch: JORD
Boyfriend Jeans: American Eagle , save here
Nikes: J. Crew (old), another color way here

So this is what I wear on the weekends when I'm running errands. Especially errands to Home Depot. After all, a linen closet doesn't build itself!

But just because it's a casual outfit doesn't always mean it has to be boring. In this instance, I was excited to mix it up with some cool sneaks and a good ole hat! 

So this past Thursday I got an unexpected phone call for a family emergency and had to jump up, change from my PJs and head to the hospital. 

When I arrived to pick up my sister she comes out of the house with not one, but two bags. I'm talking two full bags. How she whipped them together that quickly I'll never know, but she did and she was prepared. From sudoku to cross word puzzles and even a sweater for me. 

I was giving her crap for packing me a sweater, like "what, you think I'm still 16"?! But.. I love it. She had my back and was definitely prepared for the night. 

And it got me thinking. If you were stranded in the car for hours or had to leave unexpectedly for an emergency - would you have what you need to spend a night away from home? My sister, yes. Me, not so much. 

Some of you may already have this down and if so, kudos to you. But those of you who are more like me below is a list of 10 items I think would be good for an emergency bag, nicely tucked in the trunk of your car. 

1. Cross word puzzles, sudokus, magazines, a book. Something to keep you entertained besides your phone. There's only so much social media to catch up on. And that brings me to my next point. 
2. A phone charger. As much as we all need a day without our phones, it's important to be fully charged and ready for action. 
3. A sweater.
4. A blanket and a pillow. Or at least just a blanket.
5. Snacks. In our instance we were at the hospital. Hospital food isn't the greatest and let's get real, the vending machine food isn't that incredible either. And you're paying double it's worth. 
6. Extra cash. Let's not get crazy, no need to stash $100 somewhere in your car, but maybe a 20. A 10 would even work. Just something. 
7. Headphones. Not to be rude, but if you're anything like us and get stuck with the overly chatty room neighbors... well, headphones.
8. Toothbrush and toothpaste. Enough said.
9. Face wipes. 
10. A change of clothes. My recommendation: yoga pants and t shirt.

These are in no special order, obvi. I mean, clothes and general hygiene items should definitely be at the top of the list, ha! But seriously I think it's a good idea for all of us to be prepared, right?! 

And you thought this was just a style blog. Welcome! 

Until next time. 


  1. We have the same idea of items for an emergency bag. Love your casual, sporty look!


    1. You know, I actually need to pack my emergency bag. ha! And thanks. :) Casual wins every time.

  2. Hope everything is OK! I DEF need an emergency bag for sure. You'd think after all those hospital visits I'd have one in my car... but chemo brain gets the best of me and I forget. Classic chemo brain. UGH.

    1. Everything is good! Yes, I would expect you to have an emergency bag by now... do I need to come pack one for you?! haha.

  3. I love your sneakers! Something about bright sneakers makes my day a little better!


    1. Thank you! Bright sneakers are the best. Comfortable and cute!