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Hi friends! Happy Labor Day! Hope you all had a fun-filled yet relaxing holiday weekend.

Our office is closed for the day so I'm soaking up as much chill time as I can. Would it surprise you if I told you I got myself into something that took up our entire afternoon yesterday?  No, not me... right?!

Yesterday morning Chris and I decided to go fishing. Well really he decided and talked me into going... compromise. He shops with me for house stuff weekend after weekend and I go on the occasional fishing trip. I think that's fair.

My neck not so much. I sprayed sunscreen at least 10 times but apparently I missed the same spot on my neck 10 times. How does that always happen?! There's some great evidence of it for Wednesday's post... it's legit, I'm a redneck.

Okay that was corny. Moving on.

So after our fishing trip (you can see Chris's big catch here) we decided that a lazy afternoon was just what we needed. We did chill for a good couple of hours but then we started messing with the house again. We bought curtains for the guest bedroom Saturday (eek!) so those needed hanging. Shortly after that Chris asked if I wanted to switch out the living room rugs.

I purchased a new rug for the living room a while back but have been waiting to put it out until we get our new sofa (end of the year purchase). For the time being it's been hanging out in the empty bedroom (future baby room) and I guess he was tired of looking at it? Either way, we decided to move it. Little did we know it would become an all-nighter. Again... how does this happen?

I'll tell ya.

I bought the rug through Rugs USA. A great website with incredible prices - downfall, there are way too many rugs to choose from. For me this is a struggle because I like so many different styles and get distracted so easily... Pinterest definitely doesn't help either. Well that's exactly what happened with our new rug.

I haven't posted many house photos on here, mainly because it's just not done (will it ever be?) so I'll give you a visual. Our living room is mostly gray (gray sofa, gray and white rug, gray chair, gray walls) with pops of color in our gallery wall, pillows and a mustard yellow bookcase. But mostly gray. I was browsing Rugs USA when I came across this super bold rug and thought... this is IT! I showed Chris, he said it was a little crazy but agreed it was fine. So I purchased it, done.

I loved it when it came in and couldn't wait to put it out.

Now let's fast forward to this past weekend. I've also been eyeing/dreaming of this Rattan wingback chair from World Market. We got up early Saturday and went to World Market to grab curtains - the one thing on our list.

We left World Market with curtains and a wingback chair and ottoman. Oops. But I love it. This was also a struggle getting everything placed correctly in the living room (change is hard!) but it's now in a spot (probably not permanent) and I love how it looks.

But that's beside the point. Back to the rug. Well, I didn't really think about the rug with the new chair that I bought. And now I'm hooked on the chair. So we move the rug into the living room, re-place all of the furniture and I'm all staring at it - horrified. And I'm an Interior Designer?! Chris knows this isn't going to fly so then he says "what about the dining room"? We measure - too big.

Well what about the entry room? We measure - too big. OK, awesome.

Hmm... just thinking. Hey babe... what about our bedroom? Chris: A rug in the bedroom? Me: Umm... yeah. OK.

We move the living room furniture again - pull the rug into the bedroom and start tearing apart our room to somehow get this 8x11 rug under our bed... all while the dogs are going bat shit crazy - Chester is hanging on for dear life while we're moving the mattress from the bed. Seriously, he looked like a squirrel hanging onto the side of a wall. Absolutely hilarious.

Meanwhile, Ollie is running in circles on the rug, jumping on the bed - pulling Chester's hair and bouncing off the damn walls.

Our house is a nut house.

And Chris is just chill as can be... moving furniture, as if he isn't affected by the fact that our house looks like a tornado just blew through.

We finally get the rug placed (looks great by the way!) and put our bedroom furniture back in place. But now, I need another nightstand. Side note- I always buy things in odd numbers, always. And now I'm finding that in the end it costs me way more money. Like now, when I need another nightstand and (2) matching lamps because the one we have in our room is from 3 years ago and I'm sure it's not still out there. #reallife

Moving on.

Back to the living room. We put our old rug back in it's original spot, re-arrange the furniture (for the 3rd freaking time) and call it done. Now that's a Sunday night.

Lesson learned - don't purchase an outrageous rug just because it's super cute. Not practical at all. And buy things in pairs. Learn from my mistakes, friends!

Now that I've shared my life story let's get to the point of this post. It's Labor Day and you know what that means - killer sales! Below are the ones that I've tracked down. Plus you can see my BaubleBar picks from Friday here... they are currently having 50-60% off.

Boohoo - 30% off everything (I posted a cute knit sweater from here on Friday)
Express - 40% off select styles
Gap - 40% off purchase, code: LABOR - Up to 80% off everything
J. Crew Factory - 50% off everything (online and in-stores) + free shipping with code: FREESHIP
Kate Spade - Extra 25% off all sale items, code: DELIGHT
LOFT - 30% off Fall arrivals
Nordstrom - Up to 40% off summer clearance sale
Old Navy - Up to 60% off everything + additional 20% off your order, code: DAYOFF

Enjoy, y'all! Thanks so much for following along.

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