Distressed Jeans, American Eagle, Converse, Starbucks, Top Knot

Black Tee, Distressed Jeans, Top Knot, Converse, H&M, American Eagle

Distressed Jeans, American Eagle, Converse, Starbucks

Skinny Jeans, Distressed, White Converse, Black Tee, H&M

Black Tee, American Eagle Distressed Jeans, Sunglasses, Converse, Top Knot

Black tee, Top Knot, Shein, Starbucks, Pink lips
Tee: H&M (old) - option
Jeans: American Eagle - save, splurge 
Shoes: Nordstrom 
Sunglasses: Shein

Another day, another blog post. Hey y'all! 

As I'm sure you're well aware this is one of my favorite go-to looks. A basic tee, distressed skinny jeans and my converse. 

I wear it so much I'm kind of embarrassed. I tell everyone else to step outside of their comfort zone yet here I am, week after week. 

Besides the fact that it's super comfortable I feel like it still looks put together. And really, I'm just a jeans gal. I'd love if I were more of a dress kind of girl but I can only handle a couple of days in a row of dresses and then I'm over it. I think it's partly because I never have both feet on the ground when sitting and well.... you can't quite do that in a dress. I mean you can but... let's not go there. 

Jeans are just easy and so versatile. 

And perfect for running errands which is pretty much what our lives have consisted of lately. Lots of errands, decor shopping and home improvement store adventures. Never a dull moment. 

Hope everyone is having a great short week! If you're interested in seeing this tee styled with heels, you can check that out here.

Thanks so much for reading, following, liking and sharing! Until next time. 


  1. Converse are the perfect shoe for a casual look.



  2. I love your casual looks, you pull them off so well, and that topknot is AMAZING!

    1. Thanks, friend! I thought it was a leanin' just a little. haha. And they are always way more out of control than I remember seeing in the mirror! How does that happen?!