Top: Nordstrom
Skirt: Boohoo
Jean Jacket: Old - option, option
Sunglasses: Shein
Lipstick: Kat Von D, color: Lolita
Ear Crawlers: BaubleBar

I love this skirt. 

As I'm sure a hundred thousand other people do as well, at least Instagram and Pinterest say so. It's everywhere right now and I couldn't help but share it on my blog too. I know, so original. But really, it's too cute not to share. 

I love the buttons down the front, I love the color, the fact that it's suede and the most important part... the 70s feel. I can't get enough! Anyone else feel the same way? 

I've seen this skirt and many variations of it styled so many ways - all super cute looks. I'm going to be honest, I did struggle a bit with styling it. I think I had such a hard time because I'm not used to wearing skirts. I'm just not really a skirt girl. 

But when I saw this one while online shopping and a few times while browsing social media, I just couldn't help but want to put my twist on it.

After destroying my closet, tossing the skirt to the side a few times, walking away and finally trying again - this is what I came up with. A simple white tunic (the perfect one that I snagged during the Nordstrom anniversary sale) and a basic pair of flats. Done and done. 

Let's not forget the jean jacket. I think it's the perfect finishing touch. I'm always a sucker for tying jean jackets around my waist, it's a comfort thing I think. And why not throw the hair in a top knot to top it off?! :)

Do you own this style skirt? If so, how did you style it? 

Happy Wednesday friends. Thanks for reading!