Sweater: Old Navy
Blanket Scarf: Old - option, option

It's official - the blanket scarf is back! 

With it being mid-October the mornings are starting to be filled with crisp autumn air. It's my favorite to walk outside in the early morning with a breeze and being able to pull out some of my fall goodies. 

I love to have a cup of warm chai tea in hand while hanging out on the porch talking to Chris. When we're feeling productive we might actually get out of the house and snap some blog photos. 

That's what happened yesterday. I was tired and feeling lazy but stepped outside and got so excited that it was actually cool. I immediately went for my blanket scarf #sobasic and this cute sweater from Old Navy. 

I love that this sweater (or what Old Navy calls a pullover) is loose with fitted arms and the subtle detail on the sleeves as well, for an added pop. It looks like it might be sold out in the olive color, but there are three other colors available and on sale right now for $15 (here)! 

Both the blanket scarf and the sweater are easy to transition into multiple looks. Another way I would style these pieces are with ankle boots and a pair of boyfriends or with knee high boots, skinnies and a moto jacket. 

Speaking of knee high boots, I'm looking for a pair. If you know of a good place let me know! I have an issue with my legs being small and they always look weird on me. A fitted pair would probably work best. So, whatcha got? 

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I'm hoping to get myself back to normal. I've been sick a ton lately and need to get back on the health train. Any advice on doing so would be great. 

Thanks for reading! 


  1. One can never go wrong with a Blanket Scarf in pretty Fall Hues. Love your scarf especially over the Olive Top. Cute distressed jeans too.

    Have a great week, Steph! <3 Ada,

    1. I feel the same way. Blanket scarves are pretty much a basic essential for me!

    2. Have a great week too! Thanks so much for reading.

  2. I love sweater and scarf weather, it is the BEST! I have a similar wish for knee high boots, except my issue is bigger calf size and not wanting them to be suctioned to my legs. Ha!

    1. Me too! I've been waiting and waiting for it. Hopefully it's here to stay. And seriously though, the struggle is real! haha.