Hey y'all! Now that I'm posting on Instagram a ton and trying to share more snippets from my daily life - what I'm loving at the moment, my new obsessions and my daily looks I thought I'd share some of that on here as well. 

With the weather so rainy in Dallas recently it's put a damper on my weekend shoots for looks so I've depended more on Instagram with capturing what I'm wearing. It's also nice to be able to snap a quick photo and share the details without having a full post dedicated to it. Not all looks deserve a full post... and I'm pretty casual, like everyday. 

You'll notice since the pics are from IG the quality is not so great. It's okay, we can handle it. Now let's get to it. 

Photo details: Mug - Similar (both under $10!) 

Outfit details: Tee - Cardigan - Jeans - Boots - Necklace (cute option) 

Outfit details: Sweater - Jeans - Purse - Shoes

Photo details: Santa paper (similar) - Tree paper - Ribbon

Outfit details: Scarf, Sweater, Jeans, Boots (simlar), Socks (similar)

Outfit details: Tee (my all time fave!) - Cardigan - Jeans - Shoes // Photo details: Bedding - Rug - Striped Pillows

Photo details: Coat

Outfit details: Top (fave!) - Jeans - Scarf - Necklace (save here) - Flats