Happy Thanksgiving week! I can't wait for Thursday. Family time, cozy clothes and some good eatin'. I'm hoping these few days of work fly by so I can enjoy some chill time with my people, and maybe do a little holiday shopping. 

I haven't decided yet if I'm going to hit up any black Friday sales. Are you? Chris is wanting to get a new TV, so we may be those crazy people out in the middle of the night. I'm sure if we are I'll be sharing on insta-stories... so you can find us there if you're curious. 

But anyway. Let's talk about what to wear to your Thanksgiving Day festivities. We all wanna be comfortable, am I right? If it weren't for us girls always wanting to look cute, I'd be sporting my PJ pants and a big sweater. But, there are always photos, so I gotta dress it up just a little bit. 

Today's look is one I approve of for the holidays. It's cozy, but also chic.  This knit sweater is so comfortable and a bit oversized, just how I like it. Pair it with a jeans, jeggings (styled here), or even leggings since the top is long enough to cover the butt.  

What I feel really makes this look feel more holiday-ish is the bold lip and the jewelry. Both easy enough to add, and perfect for looking like you put a lot of effort in. You can always switch the wedges for flat booties, if that's more your thing. 

I'm not sure if I shared this before or not, but both the earrings and the necklace are from my most recent Rocksbox. If you're wanting to try it out be sure to use code: signingstephXOXO at checkout for one month free. 

So, anything specific you guys are shopping for this weekend? I plan to share some holiday gift guides soon, but would love to share some other things that you're looking for. Let me know in the comments below and I'll do some of the work for you. #personalshopper

As always, you can shop the look below. 

Happy Monday! 


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