Easy Fall Style with Moto Jacket and Tunic

Well, hello friends! It's been a minute. Blame Texas. The rain, well, it rained on my parade. Last weekend I did some major outfit planning, had everything packed up - accessories and all - and the rain started. And it didn't stop. ALL. WEEKEND.

Completely ruined my plans. And as a planner, that's a bad day. But obviously I'm not too much of a planner or else I would have outfits already shot in advance... yeah, 'bout that. 

Who needs to bring up old news though? It's a new day, and a new outfit. I'm so excited about this one! I bought this jacket a while back when Target got the best of me. But doesn't it always?! Anyway, I talked about it on Insta and told everyone to run and buy one. Not sure if you listened, but just in case you didn't, it's linked below. #yourewelcome 

But for real though, how cute is this jacket? It's a typical moto jacket which I love, but what got me about this one is that 1. It's olive and 2. It's suede. Or suede-like. 

I'm a lover of all things leather (faux or not), but the suede had me all heart-eyed emoji as soon as I spotted it. Plus it's super comfy, and a little baggy in the arms, which is perfect for oversized sweaters. Well, if we ever get to oversized sweaters season. Texas is taking it's sweet ole time. We'll probably be chillin' at Thanksgiving in our shorts. For real. 

Two more things I wanna point out and then I'll let you on your way. Starbucks red cups are back! This is important. Doesn't it make you so happy? I squealed a little bit when I got my first one. Ha! 

That's wasn't really one of the things I wanted to talk about... but... #addicted 

What I really want to talk about is this tunic, styled here and here, and the fact that it's still available at Nordstrom and for under $30! Also, the earrings Rocksbox snuck in my box this month are so freaking cute. 

In case you forgot, you can get one free month with code: signingstephxoxo. I'm tellin' ya, nothing like receiving accessories, wearing them for a couple of days, sending them back and getting a new box within a couple of more days. Perfect! Give it a try, and tell me how much you love it. 

Okay, I'm done today. I feel like I've harassed you enough. But as you leave do two things for me. One, grab a Starbucks just for the red cup (and of course be basic and snap a photo) and two, have a good day!

Thanks so much for reading and following along. Many hugs! 

Get the Look! 

Fall layers with basic tunic and moto jacket

Suede Moto Jacket with longer layered tunic

Casual Fall Style in Moto Jacket, booties and Ray bans


Moto Jacket Details

Casual Fall Style in skinny jeans, booties and moto jacket


  1. I love leather and suede too! This jacket is somcute! And those earrings....love!!!


    1. Thank you!! Did you end up getting the earrings? You'd rock 'em!