I've been so MIA y'all. Sorry. It has been crazy town in my life. Like for real.

Before we jump into the novel of today's blog post - I snapped this picture quickly this weekend because I wanted to share this tee. It's SO FREAKING soft. I had just gotten it in the mail, tried it on, and knew you also needed it in your life. It's from one of my favorite places - you can find it here in blueberry, and it's on sale for less than $10!

There are also a ton of other colors, on sale for $14.99. Click the image below for a direct link.

Alright, so let's get to it. I didn't even get to my March currents and some how it's already April. How in the heck did that happen? Here are a few big things that happened in March.

1. We decided to put our house on the market. Say what?! I know. We've lived here for 3 years, a little shorter than we planned on staying, but we told ourselves when we bought the house that we would stay anywhere from 3-5, or 5-7 years. But what can I say. The market is hot right now, and we got the fever. At least we made it to three.

2. With #1 brings the craziness of #2. Buying a new house. I'm stressed, honestly, I don't even wanna think about it. I drove around with my mom and sister a couple of weekends ago to check out neighborhoods. I felt defeated to say the least. BUT, I know a house will magically appear when we're ready to buy. But also, call me crazy, we're thinking of building. WHY do I do this to myself?! Never a dull moment, y'all. I'll keep you updated once a real decision has been made. Until then, we're moving in with the 'rents.

3. Chris turned 30. Hallelujah, I'm not alone! He took it much better than me. I don't even think he mentioned it once. Why does it not affect men the same way it does women? I'll be waiting for his mid-life crisis to hit around 40. Ha!

Other than that, I feel like I didn't really read anything, and watched the same reality TV. I'm sure I'm missing a few currents, but it's already April, so who cares about March?

But one of the main reasons I haven't blogged in a while... I am kind of over it at the moment. When your hobby turns into a to-do list, and you feel like you're running as fast as you can to keep up - it's time to give it a break. So, I just stopped - cold turkey. And I've kind of enjoyed it.

Now don't get me wrong, I love sitting back down at my computer and actually writing. But I feel like it got away from that. It became this viscous cycle of spending the weekends styling and shooting outfits, posting on Instagram, scrolling through Instagram to 'like' and 'comment' on others, sharing it all to FB. It's exhausting. Really. And when it became like that - when I realized I was obsessing and upset when I didn't have new content for Instagram - it was time to stop. At least for the moment.

I'm already a busy girl. I have a 9-5 job that can get intense at times, I am part owner for twelve TEN, and I run this blog. All while trying to keep up with my personal life - spending time with family, catching up with friends, hanging out with my husband. I wasn't enjoying any moment I was in, I was constantly thinking of the next thing I needed to do. That's not how I intended this year to go, so I gave it rest. And it has been absolutely amazing.

I've even made it to two of my nieces softball games back-to-back. That's what life is about!

Do y'all know how incredible it feels to sit on the couch and watch TV. Just watch TV. Awesome. Usually I watch TV while editing photos, checking emails and scrolling Insta. It's too much. I don't have any intentions on letting this blog go, it's my baby. BUT, I do have every intention of getting it back to where it was when it didn't feel like a job.

And something else that pushed me over the edge? I'm going to try not to go off on a tangent here, but blogging now isn't what it was over 3 years ago when I started Signing, Steph. It's different. And now it revolves more around social media, and that can literally suck the life out of you. Do you know how many wasted hours of my life I spent scrolling Insta 'liking' and 'commenting' so that I could organically grow my following?! A shit ton. It's sad when I stop and think about it.

And then you notice that a "big" blogger follows you on Instagram. And then a couple of weeks later that same "big" blogger follows you again. But wait, she just followed me a couple of weeks ago. And then, a week or two after that you get another notification that she is following again. What the hell? So a couple of days after the third follow, I did my due diligence. I searched by her name and she wasn't following me anymore. So basically, she has a bot that follows and unfollows people, just so they will follow her back and not-so organically grow her following.

Cool. Just like that, the dirty little secrets of blogging. Not everyone is like that, but there's always some that play a little dirtier than others. It's part of life, I guess.

But anyway, I just wanted to update you guys and let you know that I'm still around. I'll be getting back into the routine of blogging in the near future. Until then, I'm sure there are some older posts that will keep you entertained.



  1. Thank you for posting this! I couldn't agree more! It's so hard to balance it all. And the follow/unfollow game #hateitwithapassionofathousandburningsuns

    1. It sure is! Sometimes we just all need a break!

  2. This is so true! It's that weird middle ground where you have to do what you want before it makes you feel like it's a job. Sharing this on my Friday loves tomorrow. We're all thinking it...so why can't WE change it?

  3. Good for you! Im so glad uou took a little break. When you keep pushing yourself to the point of burnout you will eventually hate what you do, and throw in the towl completely. I'm glad you know your limits.

    1. For sure! It was nice to have a little break, and relieve some of the pressure.