Summer style in white ruffle top with bow ties and straw pom pom clutch
TOP | CLUTCH | JEANS (similar and on sale!) | WEDGES | LIPSTICK 

So, spring forward got ya all crazy? Yeah, me too. And this weather. I'm honestly sick and tired of it. Warm and perfect during the week while I'm sitting at a desk, and 50 on the weekends. And no sun might I add. NO SUN. 

Why?! Not only is it depressing as hell, it also makes taking blog photos a freaking challenge. Nothing like shooting spring off the shoulder and cami tops in 50 degree weather. Holy shit, it was cold! 

Totally worth it though, because now I get to share this look with y'all! I LOVE this top. I'm really going to try and step out of my box when the warmer weather rolls around. To be honest, this top is more on the girly side for me - similar to this one that I shared last spring. I'm usually good with a basic tee or tank top, and a pair of sneakers. That's no surprise. 

But, I always love when I see the ruffle tops, cute off the shoulders, bright colored camis and prints on other girls. Anyone else feel that way? I'm trying to add a few more of those pieces to my closet. They'll end up paired with shorts and sneakers though, no doubt about it.

Let's talk about this clutch though. Giiirls, too cute - huh? I saw it and immediately got it. I can't wait to pair it with... basically everything. It's so fun! Screams summer, and the beach (although I don't have any plans for the beach this year), but you might. If you do have a trip planned, this is a must! It's under $25 which was a big selling point for me. I like designer bags, but when I get a trendy piece like this one, I really hate to spend over $30 on it. I'll carry it enough to get my monies worth, but it's definitely not an everyday piece. 

Also, random question - but I have something up my sleeve. I'll tell y'all about it later. What do you guys know about organizing your closet by color? Challenging, amazing, the best thing of your life? If so, I need your help. I'm needing to organize my closet by color right now (again - tell ya later), but I don't know if I can do it. My mind doesn't work that way. I'm strugglin'. 

I organize by type - tanks, basic tees, dressy tees, button-downs, sweaters, chunky knits - you get the point. Does anyone else do that? HELP ME... I need some pointers. 

And last but not least, did y'all really think I forgot about the best damn shoes out there?  Nope, I didn't. I paired them with a basic tee (ugh - so basic) in this post, but also like how they paired with a more frilly top in today's look. Honestly, I like these wedges so much because they feel like you're wearing sandals. Whoever came up with platforms - thank you! Best idea ever. My job has basically ruined me, and I wear sneakers almost everyday to work. I'm gonna try to break that trend with these beauts. 

But really though - a job where you can dress casual, amazing but dangerous! I definitely do not depict a fashion blogger when I walk through the door every morning. Oops. 

Anyway - I'm sure you have had enough today. Until next time, friends! 
Simply and sassy style with ruffle top, pom pom clutch and wedge espradilles

Straw pom pom clutch and wedge espradilles

Summer ruffle top and straw pom pom clutch

White ruffle top and wedge espradilles - easy casual style

White ruffle top and straw pom clutch

White ruffle top with bow ties and straw clutch


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