Hi, friends! I am officially 20 weeks pregnant (what?!), but wanted to give an update on Week 19.

To start off, on the day we hit 19 weeks (Friday the 16th), we had an appointment to find out the genders. To say we were excited was an understatement. I'm sure you've probably seen it on social media, but if you haven't....

We're having two BOYS! Baby A - Liam Elliott Ryan and Baby B - Knox Grey Ryan.
I think we were all a little shocked; everyone was expecting a boy and a girl, but I had a slight feeling that it might be two boys. I could just see myself being a boy mom. And now I am!

Our appointment was that afternoon, which we found out at. It didn't take but about two second for the sono-tech to say - well, no shame in his game, A is a boy. And then the same for B. They were ready for us to know I guess... but really though, she just blurted it out. I had no time to prepare. Haha. It went by so fast!

As soon as we left that appointment Chris and I headed to Party City to pick up balloons. We prepared two boxes "A" and "B" and planned to announce that night over dinner with our families. To make them wait as long as everyone else wasn't fair, so even though we didn't originally plan to do any type of gender reveal, we did. My mom talked us into it. I'm glad we did. It was fun... but also, about 106 heat index that day. Hot as hell, and we were on a patio! GO figure.

The rest of the weekend seemed to fly by, but not before a little shopping of course. Between me and my mom, Knox and Liam got hooked up! We've just been waiting so long to know, and so long to buy anything, we couldn't help ourselves.

Overall, it was the best time. We are glad to know what the twins are, so that we can begin planning other things. Chris is excited too... now he has two little fishing partners!

And now a little further into week 19, because of course I didn't get a good belly shot at the reveal.

Size of the babies: About the size of an heirloom tomato; 6 inches - 8 1/2 ounces. Although, the doctor confirmed that Knox is already 10 ounces, and Liam 9 ounces. So they are a little ahead... little porkers!
How I'm feeling: Well, at the beginning of week 19 I was feeling great. No pains really, much more energy than before. And then mid-week hit and I had a lot of back pain, similar to when I had a kidney infection before. We'll just say that I left work on Wednesday, did not make it back the rest of the week, and my OB admitted me to Labor and Delivery on Friday (06/24) due to a high temperature. I'm still here (it's Saturday), but the babies are doing well, and they are trying to get my back in good health.
Pains: A little bit of back pain when both babies are moving a lot. Other than that, just the same tailbone pain from before. My OB said it wouldn't go away, so to me it's the new norm now.
What I'm eating: I'm pretty much back to my normal appetite before I got pregnant. Much more healthy choices, but still a brownie or some ice-cream when I want it. Ha!
What I'm craving: Not too much right now. I had a snow-cone the other day, which I had been craving a ton during the first trimester. Second trimester hasn't had as many cravings.
Sleeping: Tossing and turning a lot. I started sleeping with a body pillow (AKA - a king size pillow I had), and when Ollie isn't hogging it all, it's been helping out.
Wearing: Maternity jeans and shorts, leggings, and dresses. I bought a belly band to wear with my normal jeans, but it's kind of annoying to deal with, so I prefer maternity jeans at this point. Still wearing my same tops. I did recently sign up for StichFix. They do maternity clothes too, and I figured since I'll probably be way too busy to shop once the babies are here, having clothes delivered monthly to me isn't a bad idea. I'll share more about my experience once I get my first box!
Wishing: For these babies to be safe, and hang on for about 18-20 more weeks. We need full-term babies over here!
Babies Moving: All of the time! It's funny because they each have their certain times. Liam moves first thing in the morning, and Knox follows shortly behind. They both move a lot in the afternoon (around 3-4), and Knox moves a lot in the evening. He might be my late-nighter, and Liam will be an early-riser like me.
Loving: Seeing my belly grow. As scary as it is at times, because I feel like it grows everyday, it's incredible to watch. 20 more weeks, there's no telling how big it's going to get!
Doing: Well, probably too much. And me being in the hospital has confirmed that. Between working a 9-5, sometimes posting on the blog, and having twelve TEN, my schedule is packed pretty full. I'm going to have to start slowing down, I just need to figure out where I can pull a little time from.
Upcoming: Lots of planning. We need to figure out the baby shower, register, plan a maternity shoot, and get their nursery together for when our house is finished. Not all of that needs to happen right this second, but time is flying by. We need to get a move on it.

And now that I've combined two posts into one, it's now a novel. Sorry, guys! I am going to try and keep up with weekly bump updates, but you know how life gets.

I'll be switching gears later this week on a hair post, so keep an eye out if you're in the market for a good (inexpensive) hair mask.

Until next time.


  1. haha little porkers :)

    And I love you talking about them moving... you already know them individually so much!

  2. Right?! haha.

    I love that I can connect with each of them now!