Hey, again! So, for today's post I wanted to talk to you guys a bit about hair care in the summer.

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Actually, this hair product can be used any time of the year, but it's especially good in the summer after being in the pool, lake or ocean. For me, wearing my hair straight is not my favorite thing. It gets tangled easily, and bothers me within just a couple hours of wearing it that way.

Unfortunately, that's the quickest way to wear my hair, minus a top knot that I also rock a little too frequently. But anyway, we won't talk about that.

I have mentioned Eva NYC products before on my Instagram, so if you follow me on there you may have heard about the brand. If you haven't, they are the pretty pink, and yellow and uber colorful packaging sitting at the checkout line in Old Navy.

The fact that they are sold at Old Navy, and they are inexpensive, are two of the reasons I am sharing with you guys. The other reason, and the most important one, is that they have this hair mask that is so good. Okay, it smells amazing, and it makes your hair SO soft. Wearing my hair straight after using this product, and I can definitely tell a difference. It stays smoother and detangled longer.

It's an easy process, and I usually just do it while in the shower. Cover your hair with the mask, pull it up (I usually just tie mine in a loose knot), and leave it in between 2-5 minutes. Once you're done, rinse it out and enjoy silky smooth hair.

I'm telling you, it's awesome! For less than $20 for a pretty big container, I think it's a steal! You can also check out some of their other products online here. I also love the dry shampoo - great smell (yes, it all smells incredible!), and it doesn't leave your hair feeling sticky.

If you'd rather pick it up when you're out and about - stop by your local Old Navy, and they should have it! For all of my local ladies, I know the one is Mesquite has it. I've saw it in the checkout line just the other day.

Let me know if you've tried the brand before, and if so, what did you love?

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