Toddler Easter Basket Ideas

I'm on top of it this year, guys. Easter is around the corner and I already have baskets made. Who 'dis? 

Last year I had no idea what to get the boys for Easter so I threw a few random things together and called it good. This year with them being a little older I thought I should put in a bit more effort. Since I have them done so far ahead of time (still can't believe it - ha!) I figured I would share my ideas for toddler baskets, if you happen to be as clueless as I was becoming a first time Mom. 

I didn't want to go overboard, but I wanted to get them a little something. I tried to add in a few "needs" as we enter a new season. A couple of cute tops and a pair of spring shoes is what I landed on. A new Easter outfit for Sunday best would be a good option too. I like this shirt and pants for boys, and this dress and these sandals for little girls. 

Another inexpensive item is Easter books. The boys love books so it's a given anytime gifts are involved. I got this pack of 3 from World Market for under $5. The boys also have this Easter book that my Mom got them last year that they enjoy so much! 

The last two things I included were jumbo crayons (and a coloring book - not pictured - because it's literally GIANT), and chalk. Knox and Liam have been coloring in church, so we thought it was time to start some arts and crafts around the house. We're also thinking about painting a chalkboard wall in their playroom, hence the chalk. Otherwise our driveway will go from real bland to real colorful... chalkboard wall it is! 

This years baskets were a lot easier than last years. Overall I recommend picking a few small items that they are currently into (toys, crafts, books), and always take advantage of any excuse to buy more clothes. Candy for the older kids, that's a given. Not so much for the boys, yet... thank goodness! 

But on a completely opposite note, a new toothbrush is also an idea for toddlers baskets. I've heard great things about this electronic toothbrush lately that will help your toddler think brushing is "fun". I am going to snag them for the boys, I'll let you know what I think. 

OH, and I can't forget to mention their little baskets. Are they not the cutest?! I die. You can snag them here for under $7. They also have this carrot basket that is really cute. 

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Until next time. 

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