Happy Monday ladies! Hope you all had a great weekend! Today's outfit is from date night with the hubs on Saturday. 

I've tried multiple times to wear a button-up shirt with a statement necklace and failed miserably. Actually, maybe not failed miserably, because I didn't even make it out of my closet but you know what I mean. :) Anyway, I always love the look when I see it on other girls, but I never quite had the right shirt or the right necklace. This time... I may have pulled it off. I guess I can depend on y'all to tell me if I didn't. Right?! 

I actually think that the turquoise necklace and the purse really pull the look together. It may have been a little blah without the pop of color. Not sure. Either way, I really like wearing it. It made me feel dressed up but casual at the same time. Now that I've successfully left the house, I may be wearing this look more often. 

Do I even need to talk about the boyfriends?! They pretty much go with everything. Seriously. OH, and Chris may even be coming around to the thought of boyfriends. The other day I had on an outfit I previously showed on here, but with skinny jeans instead of boyfriends and he said "your boyfriend jeans look better". What?! Ha! I knew he'd end up loving them... 

Shop the look! 

Hope you guys enjoyed the look. Definitely give it a shot if you haven't. I think everyone probably owns a button-up shirt. And I think the look would be successful with skinny jeans or boot cut jeans. Try it out!

Last thing, I'm linking up with some other bloggers for another giveaway! Yippee! It'll be coming to the blog sometime in January. So be on the look out. Thanks for reading!