Well hello again! I am so glad it's Friday and I'm sure you are too. 

This past weekend it was super windy in Dallas so I didn't take as many blog photos as I typically do. It's okay though, because today I have for you a Friday Favorites look! Right now I'm pretty much loving the whole "grunge" look. I know it's not for everyone, but if you haven't tried it, I think you should. 

I'm going to go ahead and say it... I can almost promise you that your husband/boyfriend/crush is not going to like it. BUT, we all know girls dress for (1) themselves and (2) for other girls. :) So I think you should pull out a pair of boyfriend jeans, a baggie t-shirt, flats or booties and some cool jewels and try it this weekend. Beanie and flannel completely optional. I mean, YOLO, right?! haha. Wait, was "YOLO" so last year?! Oops. 

Anyway, I hope you like some of the pieces I've thrown together below. Oh, and now at the bottom of my post you will be able to scroll through each item (actual item or sometimes something similar) instead of seeing my typical typed out links below. Uh oh, it's gettin' fancy around here. ha! If the item I featured isn't available via "the scroll bar", I'll have my old school link directly below that. Hope that make sense! 

Flannel: Tilly's
Shirt: Style Lately

Also, I was browsing the Nordstrom sale earlier in the week and noticed the Jessica Simpson booties Chris got me for Christmas are now 50% off (shh... don't tell Chris)! The reason I'm telling you, it's a great deal, and it's in the "scroll bar" below... just didn't want you to think I threw some random booties in there. :) 

Hope you gals enjoy! Have a great weekend. Some exciting things are happening around here, I hope you're ready to stick with me through my journey. Thanks for reading! XOXO. 


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    1. Aren't they?! I'm so in love with boyfriend jeans...

      Thanks for stopping by!