How many people wish they were at Coachella right now?! Me, me! It's something I really want to do, like for real, and it's killing me that I'm not there.

Not only do I see Coachella looks everywhere online (damn you Pinterest and Instagram), but I'm also hearing about it on the radio. I really wish I was hanging out in a pair of high waisted shorts, with a sunflower headband in my hair, seeming all hippy-ish while jammin' out to some good tunes. And must I even mention a beer in my hand?! Ahhh... I'll be daydreaming of Coachella all day long. Especially while I'm at the doctors office (ugh)
Coachella Inspired

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So, since I'm completely obsessed with Coachella right now, I thought I'd share with you what I would be rockin' if I were there. I haven't bought a pair of high-waisted shorts yet, I'm kind of afraid of what they'll actually look like on me, so I'll just continue to imagine (in my head) what I think they'll like on me and post images of them as if it's something I could really pull off. We may never know. Just go with it. 

Some other pieces that I feel are must-haves for a music/arts festival: a fun headband (you can see others I like in previous posts HERE and HERE), lots of jewelry, a fringe purse (uh, hello!) and (drum roll please) laser cut flats! Can y'all tell I'm obsessed?! I figured I'd be a bit more practical and include a pair of flats instead of a pair of heels or wedges. Seriously, could y'all imagine me walking through a field in a pair of wedges?! I don't even wanna go there. Although, when I was at the Reggae Fest last year in Austin there were girls trotting around in 5 inch heels. For real, though?! There's always those girls. 

Moving on. So, if you were to go to Coachella or any other music/arts festival what would be your go to look? Would you keep it simple or try something new? 

Don't daydream all day long. Get some work done! And have a great weekend. I'll talk to you gals on Monday. XOXO


  1. Is it wrong that I want to go to Coachella JUST to dress up and people watch? Love your look, it is perfect!

    1. Heck no! That's probably what I would do too. :) And thanks!