Hey guys! How was your weekend? I'd have to say mine was pretty good. 

Friday night Chris and I were actually productive and decided to tackle making our headboard. I have been so excited about this, but a little worried how to process would go. Of course, I love my husband, duh... I married him. But, if you know me and you know Chris, you know we're both extremely competitive (especially with each other) and both want to be right. Always. So, I'm sure you'll understand why I was a little nervous about building a headboard, together

I can gladly say that it turned out great and we didn't kill each other. Yippee! I will be sharing pictures on here soon, but here's a little sneak peak of what it looks like. I was 100% inspired by Signe over at SigneRoo She posted a photo of her new headboard on Instagram a while back and I immediately knew that when we bought a house (which we did), it was a must (which it was). And I'm completely in love with it. Now, to just find new bedding. 

I didn't have much of anything else planned for the weekend other than getting the house intact. I have been running around constantly and not getting much accomplished. It's driving me crazy. I can't stand being in the house and stuff not being exactly where I want it. Is it now exactly where I want it? Heck no! Of course not. Unfortunately. But, we're making progress. We got all of the outlets and covers changed! That's something, right? 

It was gorgeous outside on Saturday and Chris was at a softball tournament so I decided to finally get the paint I needed to refinish the dresser and nightstand I got for... $30! I spent the day outside painting, in between staining the headboard and got the nightstand finished. It turned out well, but I still think I want to antique it a bit. We'll see. I'll also be posting photos of that on here as well, I just haven't gotten around to it. It was a laid back Saturday for me, which is rare and can you believe that by 5:30 I was bored out of my mind and wanted something else to do?! I just can't help it. I really wish I knew how to stay home all day long. Jammin' out to music and painting just isn't the same without some company. 

I was hoping for the same gorgeous day on Sunday. I woke up early and got dolled up for church, so excited to put on my first maxi dress of the year. Well, that was quickly ruined when I walked outside in my spring attire and it was raining. Really?! Can't it rain during the week when I'm stuck at work and not on the two days I have off? I mean, a girl just wants to enjoy the nice weather on her day off. Is that too much to ask? Plus, when I rains I want to sleep. And if I sleep, nothing gets done. You feel me? 

So, that brings me to today's photos. Chris and I had big plans for today's photos and wanted to check out one of two new spots I'm excited about in Dallas. We almost stopped (after running by my office to pick up plans to redline, ugh) but guess what... it started raining again. Grr! Instead, we had to utilize the backyard when it finally stopped raining. We're in a new a house and the backyard is not at the top of our priority list. Don't judge. But do enjoy today's look. Comfy and casual. 

How do y'all feel about maxi dresses? Is it something you plan on wearing all summer long? I definitely do. 

Have a great week! XOXO


  1. I saw Signe's headboard too & loved it! Was it super hard to do?


    1. It wasn't hard at all! Well, I say that, but I depended on my husband to figure out the math, the angles and do all the cutting. Haha. I held the nails... And moved the wood every now and then. That counts, doesn't it?!

  2. Awesome headboard and I love your casual dress look :) I followed along with you!