Hey guys! Happy Tuesday! It feels a little weird posting on a Tuesday, but Sunday was a busy day, so I didn't have any time to put together a post.

So this past weekend my niece came over to hang out and stay the night at our new place. She's already claiming "her room" and trying to decide what theme we want it to be. It was pretty funny. I love that I can be the cool aunt. I always wondered if I could actually pull it off. So far so good. 

We decided that we would spend the day shopping and getting a manicure, so that's exactly what we did. My sister told me not to take her shopping, but I did anyway. I mean, how am I supposed to pass up a text that says "can we go shopping too?" #donttellmymom. I swear, that kid is a mess. She's growing up on me (tear).

After shopping and getting our nails did, we headed home to put together our looks for the day. Madi already had this part planned, she told me earlier in the week that she was bringing her "fashion stuff". And little miss fashionista she is. I didn't snap any photos of her Easter outfit, but she had a such a cute maxi skirt on finished off with a gray undershirt and chambray top. She's definitely stylin'. 

Anyway, so a friend at work was telling me about this huge Bowler Hat now in Dallas. I'll link a little more information about it below, but I knew once I read about it and saw a few pictures that it would be perfect for blog photos. I love finding cool new places around Dallas to explore. So, Madi and I took some fun photos in front of the bowler hat, thanks to my loving hubby that lets us drag him around. 


Read more about the Dallas Bowler Hat HERE.

You gals have a fabulous week! 


  1. this is so adorable! I cannot wait until I am the "cool aunt"


    1. Thank you!! It's pretty great getting to be the fun aunt and have someone look up to you! :)