Happy Thursday girls! Sorry I haven't posted this week, it's been a little cray cray. Anyway, in other news, I was contacted by Erin over at Credit Card Insider about joining their campaign "What's in your purse"? So, guess what today's post it about! 

Yep, you guessed it. A sneak peek into my purse. I was asked to pick between 5-10 items that I typically carry in my purse. So, here it goes.. 

1. Erin Condren Planner and pen. I got this for my birthday from my BFF and absolutely love it. I take it everywhere. Everywhere. It's perfect. And let's keep it real... I had to take a photo of the month of August because it's currently open. Ahh! Love a clean calendar. Check it out HERE.

2. Michael Kors wallet. Again, this was gift from my MIL. I love it, that's all. You can check some options out HERE.

3. Ray Ban shades and case. I can't lie, it's not always this fancy pair of sunglasses, this is just what happened to be in my purse today. :) 

4. iPHONE. 

5. Maybelline Eyeliner and Brush. This is by far my favorite eyeliner and brush combo. I like it so much I have it in both black and brown. I've just found this brush to be the easiest for applying eyeliner... especially winged. 

6. NYX Butter Gloss. This stuff is GOOD and inexpensive. Love it. I found out about it from Jaclyn Hill, who else?! If you don't know her, get to know her! She has great make-up tutorials and she's hilarious. Color shown: Apple Strudel. 

7. Last but not least, bobby pins. I mean, it's a necessity. And there's always at least one in the very bottom of every bag I own. 

What do you carry in your purse? 


  1. Good thing I didn't get asked to reveal what's in my purse.... It would be mostly receipts, toy cars and tampons.

    1. Lol, that's the fun part! Yeah, I kinda thought... should I post a tampon on here?! I mean, it was in my purse. ha.

  2. That lipgloss looks stunning! I have random mints from restaurants and vitamins in my handbag :)


    1. There are so many great shades of this lip gloss! Mints from restaurants are the best! haha.