Can we talk about real life for a minute? Yesterday really tested my patience. Let me share just a little about my day.

First things first. It was Thursday and it felt like a Friday. Can it get any worse?! I mean, of course it can, but really?!

We'll just start off with the fact that my alarm doesn't go off until 6:30, sometimes 6:45-7:00, depending if I need to wash my hair or shave my legs that day and I was awake at 5:30. 5:30 in the morning y'all... and it wasn't a peaceful awakening.

Chris leaves for work earlier than I do. Not really an issue... unless the dogs wake up. Yesterday they did and it wasn't just a nice wake up call, possibly licking you in the face or cuddling.. nope, not at all.

Instead, Ollie is barking  screeching at Chester to get his attention, or to just let him know that she's about to pounce. And Chester, being the super laid-back, chill dog (ha!) had an initial reaction of showing teeth, growling and jumping 6 feet across the bed to attack her... all before she even makes a move.

Are you freaking kidding me?!

Even better, the dogs didn't give a damn that I was anywhere in sight... much less sleeping. They go on - fighting, barking, growling, biting and stepping all over me until I awake, pissed the freak off and having to pull them apart. Might I remind you, 5:30 AM.

Who in the hell wanted to get another dog?! Oh yeah...

So that's how the morning started. Not a good sign.

I get myself together - shower, make a cup of coffee, turn on Pandora - anything to lighten the mood and prepare for my day. I sit down to put on my make-up, normal daily routine... but first browse Instagram... another part of my daily routine (yeah I know).

Well obviously I can't multi-task because just as I put my phone down to pick my foundation up, the foundation goes flying... hits the table, hits my screen and freaking shatters it. All before 7:30.

Do you know how infuriating that is?! If you have an iPhone I'm sure you do... has this happened to everyone?! So freaking annoying.

So the morning was off to an amazing start. And it was only Thursday.

Just to get better as I check the work email. We won't go into too many details, just the fact that I can't get permit for a job that's been around for over a year. Not the news you want first thing in the morning.

And can we talk about voicemails? I'm so sick of voicemails! I just want to call someone, have them answer and get my problem solved immediately. Is that too much to ask?

Enough complaining for me. I'm here, I'm breathing, I'm healthy and overall I'm happy... just a few hiccups or shattered screens and outrageously hyper dogs along the way. But it's all good.

So how has your week been? It's Friday, that's something! And here's a little something else to hopefully brighten your Friday, or this post. #debbiedowner.

These photos are from our trip to Pensacola and the day we checked out Fort Pickens. It was pretty. And hot. But mostly pretty.

So, I spy something in the third photo... do you? Perhaps a young, feisty niece of mine? Gotta love her!

Happy weekend friends!

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