Ripped Black Jeans and Basic Tee for transitional look

Ripped Black Jeans, Basic Tee and Studded Clutch

Steve Madden studded clutch

Basic Tee and Statement Necklace

Ripped Jeans, Basic Tee and Nude Flats for summer to fall transition
Top: Kohl's (ex-boyfriend tee - now under $15!) 
Jeggings: American Eagle, also here from Asos and here from Nordstrom 
Flats: H&M, splurge here 
Sunglasses: Shein

Happy Monday! I'm glad to say that it was a relaxing weekend and I'm feeling fully recharged and ready to take on this week.

Ending last week was a little on the rough side so I'm sure you understand when I wasn't too optimistic on what the weekend would bring. But really a cracked phone screen, no sleep and dogs that fight non-stop was pretty much everything that could have possibly happened... Glad that's now out of the way.

This week should be a breeze!

On to today's look. I can almost guarantee you that I've found my newest fall obsession. These black jeans - well jeggings really - but basically the same thing. #basically

If you can't tell I'm pretty much already transitioning into Fall. I'm done with the bright colors, swimsuits, shorts and flip flops. I'm ready for earth tones, jeans, boots, scarves, beanies - you know, the fun stuff!

And let's get real maybe it's because I'm also done with the gym, ha! Chris and I were on a roll... and then we weren't. Just like that. How does that always happen? It's so easy to fall into a bad habit, but a good one, oh heck no! It's almost impossible.

We're also not the greatest team when it comes to motivating each other. All he has to say is that he doesn't really feel like working out and I'm all - okay, let's put our PJs on and eat cookies. 

I didn't really plan on today's post being anything about how I don't work out anymore. I mean, I could just pretend I am consistently working out.

Oh, speaking of - our friends asked us if we wanted to do a Mud Run in October. Ehhh, we weren't really feeling it. I might look skinny and fit (with jeans and a tee on), but I'm really skinny fat. Yes it's a thing and I'm pretty sure I'm it. #donthate

But really though, back to the look. You know what I really wanted to wear with this? My faux leather jacket. How bad ass would that look?! I styled it here and here last year and it'll be back when then cooler months roll around... for sure.

What's your staple fall piece? I think this year I might have a few. These ripped jeans, an oversized cardigan and of course, my faux leather. Like I said before... I like to feel edgy. :)

Thanks for stopping by y'all! Have a great week.


  1. Very nice ensemble! Love the color of your T.shirt!

  2. I've been buying a lot of dark red and maroon colored stuff lately! I think it is my fall color this year!

    I went shopping at Old Navy this weekend. It is hit or miss there but I happened to find a lot of really cute stuff! You should check it out :)

    1. That's definitely one of my fall colors too!

      I agree, hit or miss at Old Navy. I haven't been in a while though so I probably need to stop by again soon.