Buckle booties, Nordstrom, Basic Tee, Boyfriend Shorts

Ronan Leather Booties, Nordstrom

Boyfriend Shorts, Ankle Boots, Gray Tee

Ankle Boots, Nordstrom, Leather Boots

Top: Kohl's (an all time fave - currently on sale!) 
Shorts: American Eagle (on sale!) 
Boots: Nordstrom 
Necklace: Riff Raff, option, option 

This is the look you wear when:

1. You purchased these booties during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale back in June and have been eyeing them in your closet, since June.

2. It feels like Fall in the morning and then Texas hits you in the face like yeah... right.

3. You wanna be casual but still feel like a bad ass. FYI - these boots just make you feel like a bad ass. The fit, the color, the buckles... all three? They are perfect.

I was thinking before writing this post - is this outfit going to help someone? Will it spark an interest, will it make someone want to run and buy these pieces? And honestly I'm not sold that it does any of those things, really.

But must there be a reason behind every outfit?

Let's think about this.

When I put on yoga pants it's typically because I'm tired, I'm working out or I am just too lazy to put together a look.

Or a dress - when I pull a dress out it's either because I want to feel girly for the day or I have some sort of an event. Unless of course it's to head to Lowe's for lumber picking... you feelin' me? Oh Lowe's.

And jeans. Well my reason is because they are my go-to; they are easy and can be paired with pretty much anything. I'm sure you have your reasons as well.

But when you pull out a look like the one shown above, what's the reason? To feel like a bad ass? ha! I don't know and honestly - does it matter? Not really. I was just a little caught off guard when I couldn't come up with even one reason why I think you should wear this look. I mean, I think it's a fun casual look but past that... I'm not sure.

What outfit have you picked out recently and was it second nature to grab the pieces or did you have a reason for it?

Happy Wednesday y'all. Thanks for following along!


  1. Ha! I don't think there does always need to be a reason to wear something! Other than that we like it? Or that we want to share our awesome Nordstrom buys with the world? Style blogging is weird like this, but luckily there are a bunch of us that like to share what we wear purely because we love it. And I LOVE those boots. And everything else;)

    1. So true. I just never really thought about it and then I hit a wall when I was trying to think of a reason someone should wear this look. Besides of course, just wear it! haha.

  2. I think the best reason to wear something is because you like it :) I love simple outfits so I give this look a thumbs up! Also, those boots are awesome!


    1. So simple and so true. Wear it because you like it... I like that! haha. I guess I just hit a wall when I was trying to give a reason. And thanks! I'm trying to think of a million more ways I can style these boots... just so I can wear them non-stop!