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Happy first day back to school for all you headed there today! I'd like to say that I'm sad for not having a first day of school anymore... but I'm kind of not. As much as the working world bring it's challenges, I think I prefer work over being in class again. Studying for my test a few months back definitely made me realize that.

A special shout out to those that are working and going to school. Kudos to you!

So I'm keeping it simple for today's look. Surprised? Yeah I know.

But at this point I'm craving Fall so bad I can hardly stand it, so my summer looks are getting more and more chill. Plus I had a birthday party and tons of errands to run.

Speaking of errands. Do you guys know how much time I spent in freaking Home Depot and Lowe's this weekend? More than I'd ever like to admit. I worked at Home Depot back in the day and I still feel like I spent more time there on Saturday and Sunday.

It's exciting when you get there, getting your DIY on and all that fun stuff. And then you pull out hundreds (not even exaggerating), hundreds of pieces of lumber and you're cursing anything that gets in your way.

Yep, that's what Chris and I did this weekend. Of course I was thinking my weekend would consist of PJs, coffee, TV, blogging and the occasional nap, in between the birthday party and gift shopping, you know... typical weekend stuff. Ha! Oh no.

I had the great idea (sarcasm) to talk Chris into making the dining room table that I've been eyeing on Pinterest. Who invented Pinterest... WHO?!

He agreed and we were on our way. First stop, Lowe's. No biggie. We left our house around 6:30 that evening... got home after 10 and had zero supplies. Yes, you read that correctly. Zero supplies. Can you imagine how overly frustrated I was?! Oh, so mad.

Just a little snippet of what happened. Well, the table we I wanted to make is a farmhouse styled table with planks on the top. Great in theory. Absolute madness in real life. We needed (7) boards for the top and you would have thought we were looking for 50. I can't even think about how many pieces of lumber we pulled from the stack, laid on the floor, butted together and said nope, not straight. 

I didn't help that Chris and I looked at completely different things and boards he liked I hated and vice versa. We're so on the same page.

And imagine this... I was in a dress. What the hell was I thinking? I'll tell ya. I was thinking this would be a quick (less than an hour) trip to Lowe's - we'll grab some lumber - and be on our way. Double ha!

After failing miserably at trying to find (7) 2x6s at 8ft long we said screw it, we'll just get 12 ft boards because that's less boards that have to match. Right... wrong. Sort of.

We find the boards, agree on four and chatty cathy comes around the corner. I'm all for a helpful associate, I really am, but let's not offer help if you're just gonna screw stuff up. You might think I'm being harsh but this was 2 hours in at a home improvement store.

So after much convincing we agree to let the employees cut our boards instead of us doing it at home. Measure and cut, not so hard. Well, shame on us.

They measure and cut one board... 1/2" short. I'm all "what are we going to do about this, I can't have a table that's not the correct size". The employee says "oh I like her" (because I was being feisty), my response "oh you have no idea". But really... I'm not buying that.

They continue cutting - stack the other three boards on top of each other for one cut. Smart. Cut at an extremely fast speed, stack them on our cart and tell us to have a good night. Umm... you split the ends of every piece of wood. You realize my table is going to have exposed ends...

At this point Chris and I were about to lose it. So, we did what I've never done before. Don't judge. We left. We left the cart of lumber (incorrectly cut lumber) and went home... empty handed. Not good Lowe's, not good at all.

I did feel really bad for leaving the lumber but then I realized how pissed I would be everyday looking at my jacked up table. If I'm spending my money on it I want it to look perfect. So there's my justification. Judge me if you need to.

Moving on.

Oh yes it gets better. We wake up bright and early Sunday to go lumber shopping before the birthday party. First stop, nothing. Second stop, nothing. Third stop, freaking nothing. Are you kidding me?!

Now we're 30 minutes late to the birthday party. It all worked out.

I guess we were feeling brave or determined - whatever you think - and decide to try just one more store! Seriously, had the last store not had anything I might of cried or yelled or both. So over it.

I am happy to say that we found exactly what we needed at the last store and built our table last night. We haven't stained it yet but as soon as we do I'll share some photos.

It turned out great - I'm just not sure it was worth the hassle. I blame Pinterest. Seriously.

Hope y'all had a nice relaxing weekend. I need a nap.

Until next time.


  1. I miss school too, but only for the excuse to get dressed up and to see friends. lol. I love your casual outfit! We've been doing work on our house so it feels like we've been spending a ton of time at Home Depot too. lol

    1. Yep, agree - that's probably the only thing I miss about school! haha. And seriously... Home Depot trips are non-stop when you buy a house... I at least forget one thing every time I go!