Fall Lip colors, Fall Lipstick
Happy Friday y'all! Since it's officially Fall I thought it was only appropriate to share my favorite fall lip colors with you guys.

I have a ton that I love but I narrowed it down to my current top 5. Well, actually 6, but the sixth one is newer and it's not shown in the photo. You can check it out on Jaclyn's Hills instagram though, she's been raving about it lately.

1 - Top Left: NYX Tres Leches
2 - Top Right: NYX 558 Lipstick
3 - Bottom Left: Revlon Shameless
4 - Bottom Middle: NYX Toasted Marshmallow
5 - Bottom Right: MAC Blanket + NYX Madeleine
6 - Not pictured: Kat Von D Lolita 

For work I typically lean towards more of a neutral lip but once the weekend hits it's on. I like playing with a bold lip, I think it's an easy way to step up an overall neutral look. Brighter and bold lip colors are also one of the simplest ways to take your look from day to night.

As you can see I'm pretty much obsessed with NYX lip products. Not only are they inexpensive but they come in a ton of great colors (see above), the lip glosses aren't too thick (think butter) and the lipsticks don't dry out my lips. Those are my top concerns with lip products so NYX is definitely a keeper.

I also have a few MAC lip products that I like. I don't have any complaints with MAC but if you're changing lip colors frequently or trying out new colors here and there, MAC probably isn't the best option. They are a little more expensive so you should know what you're looking for when you go to that counter.

There's also one Revlon color mixed in there (the purple). I can't say too much about Revlon, this is the only lipstick I have from that brand. I love the color. It's a thicker pencil type application so it can get messy easily and it also shows any dryness on my lips. I have to use with a chapstick as well.
Just my thoughts.

I am not a beauty blogger we all know that, but I thought it'd be fun to share something a little different.

What are your favorite fall lip colors?

Thanks so much for reading! Have a great weekend.

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