Cold Weather Outfit_Layers_Beanie_Chunky Knit

Chunky Knit Sweater_Boyfriend Beanie_Loose curls

Winter Outfit_Kate Spade_Beanie_Chunky Knit

Winter Layers_Skinny Jeans_Kate Spade_Chunky Knit_Beanie

Chunky Knit_Kate Spade_Gold Rings_Details

Chunky Knit_Gold Rings_Kate Spade

Black Kate Spade_Chunky Knit_Flannel_Beanie

Winter Layers_Black Purse_Knit Sweater_Flannel

Okay, okay - I might have gone way over board with the photos today. Most of them are just another "pose" but I really like this outfit and I think Chris did really well with the photos. 

Good job, babe! Isn't he getting so good at this? 

It's just a simple basic look but I think that's why I like it so much. It's an easy look for anyone to recreate. 

If you don't feel like you can pull off a beanie no big deal, it's just as cute without. If I didn't have a beanie on I think I might go with a top knot. Easy, messy and chic. 

I've also styled this sweater with a wool hat here. Same boots, no beanie and no flannel underneath. There are so many options. You could also wear a boyfriend tee under with a pair of sneakers for a chill look. You know I'm all about that. 

What I love is that most of these pieces are old. I got the sweater, beanie and booties last year. Wear, wear again and wear again, ladies! 

We need to get the most out of our closets. 

On that note - one of my goals this year is to shop less. What?! I know. Why would I do that to myself, especially being a fashion blogger (at least I like to think so!). 

Let's not get crazy here. Obviously I will be sharing some new pieces that I buy, obviously. But I feel like last year I bought stuff just to buy it and either never wore it or didn't like it as much as I thought once I got home. 

I want to love everything I buy and make sure that I'm actually going to wear it, preferably for two years in a row like most of the pieces from today's look.

But for real though, I'll be sharing some new tops coming soon. Did you really think I would let 2015 leave without stocking up since I'm supposed to be cutting back?  But... they were all on sale. #bargainshopper

Some of my other goals include: 

1. Working out. I'm a week in, holla! 
2. Be more consistent with my essential oils. I was so great with this last year (during my professional exam phase) and slowly dropped the ball. 
4. Expand my family. It's been a difficult struggle. That's another post for another day. I'm currently fighting with my own thoughts on if/when to share this. 
6. Healthy eating. If you know of any easy recipes, feel free to share! I've been pinning away. 

That doesn't include them all. I also want to work on myself, my patience, build my relationships with friends and family and get more involved with church. 

What are your goals for 2016? 

Thanks for reading, friends! Until next time. 

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