Sweater (on sale + 60% off!), Jacket (similar), Jeans, Boots, Sunglasses, Necklace (similar) 

I'm struggling with today's post. Do y'all ever just have a day where you really don't have anything to talk about? That's me. I have photos ready and uploaded and nothing to talk about.

It was a long but quick weekend and I kind of feel like I need another day.

To top it off, I'm currently listening to Ollie cry because she wants to go outside. She cries to go outside, we open the door and she literally stands in the doorway and looks outside. The door has glass. Why she needs it to be open to just sit there and look, I have no idea. High maintenance much?

She's making me crazy.

But really, I have nothing to talk about today. How's that for a Monday? I need some essential oils to put a little pep in my step!

Anyway, outfit details shared above.

Happy Monday y'all. Thanks for reading!


  1. I love this casual look! This look is what I have going on about 90% of the time (with a down jacket and huge Sorel boots to combat the snow and cold.) Happy Monday, friend!

    1. Thank you! And I think it's cold here... ha! Happy Monday to you too!

  2. Your hair is getting SO long! I love it! And I love the 2nd picture on this one showing you from the side! Great picture of you, what you are wearing and your hair! :)