Happy Friday! This day couldn't come soon enough, it's been a week for sure!

So I wanted to try something new this year for the blog... we'll see if it sticks. If you hate it,  just let me know!

I feel like my style changes frequently. Sometimes I'm feeling boho, sometimes edgy, sometimes just flat out lazy. With that, I think it would be fun to share what I'm loving at the moment, on Friday's.

So, introducing - Friday Feels! Yes, I'm trying to stay hip and young with the lingo... I guess "feels" is a thing now... #winginit.

Today's feels include ripped denim, a cute pair of sneakers, a sassy moto jacket, a basic tee (duh!) and the ever so popular bralette.

I think anyone can pull this look off. Okay - let me back up. Anyone can pull this look off while modifying it to what they feel comfortable wearing. Not everyone loves to wear ripped denim and that's okay. This look would be just a cute and comfortable with a pair of non-ripped denim. Although... who are you and why don't you like ripped denim?!

The same goes with the moto jacket. It's not everyone's style. I would also love this look paired with an oversized cardigan or a cute military jacket. Wear it or tie it around your waist and call it a day.

I've mentioned this before and will alway believe it - adding a third piece (i.e. jacket or cardi) instantly makes your outfit look more put together. It just does. So, if you're ever feeling boring with your outfit grab another layer and I promise you it will make a difference.

What I'm hoping for with these Friday Feels posts is that I inspire some of you to step out of your comfort zone or style your typical pieces with something you wouldn't normally pair it with.

And the same goes for me. Hopefully each Friday isn't another pair of ripped denim and a basic tee. And if it is, I give you full permission to call me on my crap.

Anyway, hope you guys have a great Friday and happy weekend. Thanks so much for reading and following along!

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