Another Friday Feels post, who's excited?! I actually had this collage put together for last Friday and even posted a sneak peek on Instagram Thursday night, but I forgot to write a blog post. I just forgot.

The weeks have been busy. Work is picking up and my personal life is definitely not slowing down. It makes my New Years Resolutions even harder to stick to but I'm trying. I've kept most of them but one has been pushed to the back burner. Can y'all guess which one?

Did you guess working out? If so, yep - you're right! I really just wish I loved working out and I'm so jealous of the people who actually do. It takes time, I know. And it actually takes working out... ha!

I did bring my yoga mat home so that's a start. I blame it on work really. By the time I make it home I am so drained mentally that I literally just want (and do most days) sit on the couch in my PJs and watch crap TV.

I'm making an effort though, starting now. Either yoga when I get home or yoga before I go to work. It's a must. I'm too young to be feeling tired everyday.

Feel free to ask me about it every once and a while. Maybe that will hold me accountable.

So, the Superbowl is this weekend. Anyone have big plans? I'm sure there will be parties all over the place. Chris and I actually decided to stay home. I have something going on earlier that day and then fly out early Monday morning to California for a work trip.

Another work trip with a partner. I'm getting spoiled! And it's California. Hello gorgeous weather! Now that might be the first time I'm excited for a  Monday.

But anyway, about today's picks. With Valentine's Day right around the corner I had to share this cute sweater from ILY Couture. I'm all about keeping it casual so pair it with my favorite rips from American Eagle and also a cute cross body and that's the perfect weekend/chic look. Oh, and let's talk about the sunglasses. How awesome are the lenses? Loving the color! They are definitely added to my must-haves list... or my must-haves for Chris to buy list. Ha!

Ending with that, I hope you guys have an incredible weekend and enjoy the Superbowl... if you're in to that kinda thing.

As always thanks for reading. Love you all!


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    1. Isn't it?! I loved it, just couldn't get myself to hit purchase on it. I'll just love it via the computer screen. :)