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I'm really loving the vibe of this outfit. There's something about the mix of the half top knot, fringe bag, high-waisted jeans and a shorter top that made me feel like I was back in school. That's pretty dang good considering that I'll be 30 this year. 

I guess I looked different than usual because when we were shopping for groceries Chris said "you look like a ball of fun today". Literally, those exact words. I busted out laughing... and then gave him crap and said - what, am I an old dried up hag every other day? haha. 

It makes me wonder what he's thinking with all of my other outfits. Most of the time he keeps his comments to himself - smart guy! 

I really do love each of these pieces though. The sneakers, well duh. I would choose a pair of sneakers every day if I could. The other two pieces are from American Eagle, another go-to for me. 

I've mentioned the American Eagle Soft and Sexy tops a few times - here and here. This is just another to add to the list. Most days I pair it with a basic tee under to add to the overall length, but I was feeling sassy on Sunday and opted for high-waisted pants instead. 

Not that the outfit needed any more sass, but I've been dying to share this fringe bag. I got it during the holidays from Victoria's Secret. It came "free" with a purchase. Yeah - definitely not free but you get me. Anyway, I love it. It was great grocery shopping with too. Throw it on like a backpack and call it done. 

I think I might be into backpacks again. I was eyeing my directors bag when we traveled last week. So smart. And practical. 

I've been traveling a lot lately and think I might need to invest in one. Or, it could just be an excuse to buy a cute new bag? You decide. 

Speaking of work travel. I booked a round-trip flight to San Francisco Monday for $120. Is that not insane?! I really thought about going back and planning Chris and I a weekend trip - maybe I still will. 

If the deal is still going and you're interested - I booked the flight through Kayak for United. I think I'm talking myself into that weekend trip again. That could be good. Anyone wanna join?! 

Anyway, before I book a summer vacation, buy a ton of backpacks and sign my life away - I guess I should say bye. 

Hope you have a wonderful week. Thanks for reading! 


  1. I love when my husband makes comments about my outfits, he always comes up with the best descriptions! One time I had a Panama hat on and he said I looked like an Alaskan gold miner???! I also adore this top knot, I always want to do this but my hair looks really weird when I try it. Darn cowlicks...

    1. Right?! Haha... Alaskan gold miner, that's hilarious! One that stands out for me is when I was wearing an off the shoulder floral maxi... I came from the room and he said "are we going to a fiesta or what"? I just rolled my eyes and grabbed the camera. Oh guys...

  2. love your bag! you look so adorable and ready to run errands in style. just found your blog, looking forward to reading more and following you on bloglovin'.
    xx, lauren

    1. Thanks so much! Glad you're here and hope you stick around. Thanks for reading and following along!