Okay, first things first. Let's skip the incredible dress in today's post and get straight to the juicy part. Please tell me you noticed my overly orange/Jersey Shore feet in the photos above. (insert crying emoji here). 

Yeah... about that...

Let's just put it out there that is was my first time using a sunless tanner... well, actually I lie. This is my second time but first time with a spray can. 

I wanted to wear this dress on Saturday night because the weather was nice, I had a 30th birthday party to attend and well, because I'm loving it. What I wasn't loving were my super pale legs.

I had the bright idea to have Chris spray me down with a sunless tanner that I've heard so many good things about. I went through all of the emotions of trying this. Being really on board, talking Chris into helping me, reading reviews, backing out, talking my self back in... all of it. As you can see, we decided to go through with it. 

I'm not sure if we just have horrible lighting in our house... apparently yes, but the spray tan did not look like this on Friday night. It seems that only my feet got the memo... and a little too much. 

Anyway, so we decided early on that we would just do a light layer because I'm pretty pale and we didn't want to go overboard. We sprayed, we inspected and thought all was good. I felt like my feet looked a little dark in the house but again, not bad. I even did a wipe down to remove an extra layer from my feet. 

We head out Saturday to take photos... I get in the car - OH. MY. GOSH. My feet were so orange.... and my legs still pasty. 

We were too far down the road at that point and I just spent time getting ready, so there was no turning back. 

Chris was so embarrassed to take my photos, even. And of course Deep Ellum was crazy busy with people that day. It might have been the quickest photo shoot ever. haha! 

I thought it was fine... not that bad at all, until I got home to edit photos. Um, can y'all say hot mess? 

Over it.

I'm just really glad that the rest of my body didn't look like that!

Do all sunless tanners do this to you or are we just amateurs? I cannot go all summer looking this pale. Like, really. Any suggestions? Please help! By the way, this was the TanWise sunless tanner.  I read better reviews for the foam but of course they were sold out. Have you tried this one? 

In better news, I think this is a great dress for so many body types. I don't wear a lot of babydoll dresses but when I saw this one styled on one of my favorite bloggers, Cara Loren - I knew I had to have it. 

It's really great quality - thicker fabric, stretchy and oh, so soft. I think it's perfect for the upcoming months. Maybe not for July in Texas but you'll probably be good through Spring. It comes in a few colors (here) and currently on sale! 

The leopard clutch is also a great piece! I love this one because it transitions from a cross body - styled here - to a clutch. It's from The Happy Goose Shop (love!) but currently sold out. I'm hoping she re-stocks it again soon. I've linked some similar options above. 

Needless to say, I did not go through with wearing this outfit Saturday  night. I opted for jeans and booties... feet fully covered! 

Did you guys do anything fun this weekend? Please tell me you've have at least one horror story from applying sunless tanner, please! 


  1. I didn't even notice until I got to your last pic-- I just thought the color was off until I read your post-- too funny! You are definitely not alone in the tanner mishaps-- last time I went and had a Mystic Tan done I forgot to stand on the little booties they give you to protect the bottoms of you feet while being sprayed. Well, my tan ended up looking great but the bottoms of my feet? Not so much :D

    For home tanners, I've been using Vita Liberata Mousse-- it's on the pricey side but the color is very natural looking, it applies evenly (I recommend applying with a tanning mitt) and doesn't look orange at all. I also like St. Tropez tanners and Beautisol foam/mousse as well.

    -Amanda @ A Good Hue

    1. Oh, good to know! Yeah... the color didn't look very off to me either until I saw these pics. haha! I've heard good things about the St. Tropez tanner too. I'll have to try that one and the Vita Liberata Mousse. At this point I'm okay with pricey! :)