Wearing an aztec cardigan, fringe bag, crop top and retro sunnies for a festival

Festival Outfit wearing an aztec crop top and cardigan with a fringe bag

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How to style an aztec cardigan and crop top

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Wearing a aztec cardigan and fringe bag to a concert

Today's look reminds me of one thing... festivals. Festivals reminds me of music (obvi) and music reminds me of my upcoming concert which I am beyond stoked for. 

On Monday I'll be sitting in the crowd, carefree as ever, completely jamming out to Mumford and Sons. To say I'm excited is an understatement.

Last year a friend and myself were so desperate to see Mumford and Sons we were debating selling our souls to pay for flights, hotels and tickets to a festival. An entire festival just to see them. These guys - they are freaking awesome!

We decided our husbands would probably not be excited if we spent our savings to attend a festival so instead we entered a contest.

The contest consisted of us handwriting (insert big eye emoji here) our name, address, phone number and a few other small details on a notecard (or piece of paper cut to the size of a notecard) if you wanna get technical. We literally bought about $100 worth of stamps (each) and cut paper, filled out the necessary info - twice per entry - the paper and the envelope and mailed out 5 entries per day.

Did I mention that all of this was happening during our crazy professional exam that we were already beyond stressed out about?! Yeah. Obsessed much?

Long story short, we did not end up winning the contest and we were pissed about it. Even worse, Mumford didn't plan Dallas as a part of their tour last year, so... double pissed. What the hell, Mums?

Anyway, so when Avery (my friend) approached me at the end of last year ecstatic because she just learned Mumford was coming to Dallas in April, we bought tickets.

We stopped everything we were doing at that exact moment and made a mad dash to their website (early access, holla!) and snagged a couple of tickets. And by snagged I mean refreshed our browser frantically until we got the seats we wanted, discussed if we could get better seats and then decided to not get greedy and buy the damn things.

But do you think the story ends there? It's my life, so of course not.

Trying to think back but it was so long ago that I can't really remember. Anyway, we might have purchased these in November - maybe December - but I'm thinking November. I remember getting a confirmation email on the tickets. Perfect, all good.

Fast forward to January... maybe even February. I was randomly thinking about the tickets one day and thought to myself - you know what I don't have, the tickets. It's fine, I'm sure the email for e-tickets is in your inbox, I told myself.

And then I checked my inbox. No tickets. No confirmation email. What the freaking hell?! I know I saw a confirmation email.

I didn't want to completely freak Avery out at that point so I continued to search top and bottom in my email before I said anything. Finally, after unsuccessful attempts of trying to remember, I told Avery. She was pretty calm about it and said we'd figure it out.

From that point I called and emailed and talked to multiple people regarding the tickets. I found where the tickets were charged to my card so I knew I actually bought the tickets. Now where the hell were they? First attempt at trying to track them down through Live Nation - not great. They had nothing in their system under my name (awesome!) and turned me away.

I continued to freak out for a couple of more weeks. Avery (who apparently saves every email like a smart person) tracked back the company that offered the early access and sent me their contact information. After what seemed like a thousand emails back and forth, they confirmed that I did indeed purchase the tickets and that I would be receiving them in the mail in the next couple of weeks. Really?!

All of that stress for no dang reason.

Moral of the story. Don't delete emails - like, ever! And don't freak out about not having concert tickets until at least the month of the concert. Ha!

So why do I love Mumford and Sons so much? One because they are just that good. And two, it's the only concert I've ever been to where they can quiet an entire (huge) crowd through the duration of a song. That's what happened at the last concert and it was incredible!

Their music puts me at peace. And in this crazy life of mine, I welcome anything that is able to do so.

Do you have any bands that you're completely, overly obsessed with? Would you go to the extent of joining a crazy contest just to lose?

In the end I think it's worth it. At least it's a good story and that's what life is all about.

Thanks for sticking around and reading my outrageous stories. Y'all are great!


  1. I am SO jealous youa re going to a Mumford concert! That would be a dream for me, seriously. You better take video!

    1. I'll take video for sure and follow it up with a blog post so you can see them! They seriously are incredible in concert. I highly recommend going of you ever have the opportunity.

  2. such a cute look and i'm loving that fringe bag! and glad you got that ticket situation figured out!

    cute & little

    1. Thank you! I'm glad too - I had a slight freak out moment. haha!