The more time that passes the more I love floral prints. I'm not a girly girly, I'd prefer to wear boyfriends jeans and a tee every day, but when I dress up in this ruffled and floral number I second guess that decision. 

Top | Cardigan (similar) | Purse | Lipstick + Gloss | Necklace (similar) | Ring | Ring (turq)

There's something about this top that I just can't get enough of. It paired well with a cardigan which I was pleasantly surprised by. In the past I've only ever worn it with shorts and sandals (here). 

After styling it with jeans and a light sweater, I'm sold that this is also an appropriate look for work. Score! Considering that we're pretty casual at work, it's easy to fall into a jeans and t-shirt rut. 

Putting in a little extra effort always makes me feel better about myself. 

A cute top with a pattern or different textures is an easy way to take an outfit up a notch. Also changing from your sneakers every once and a while to a pair of pumps or a small wedge is another way to instantly dress up a look. 

Now I'm not saying to ditch the sneakers, not at all. But if you're used to dressing down on a consistent basis, try changing it up with a flirty look. If you're the complete opposite and dress up on the daily, try a pair of baggy boyfriends and sneakers.

Confidence is key. You're the only person that has to like your outfit. That's my bit of advice for the day. 

Happy Monday, y'all. Hope it's a good one. Follow me on snapchat (@sryan0929) for sneak peeks into the Mumford concert tonight! 

Until next time. 


  1. LOVE these tie shoes and this floral look! I consider myself to be very girly, yet I wear a ton of neutral looks and stick to jewlery and lipstick as my main girly pieces. Go figure;)

    1. I think jewels and lipstick are the perfect girly pieces! I got these tie shoes last year and they are kind of wearing down... I need to find a new cute pair. Perfect excuse, yeah? haha.

  2. I adore the layered floral top! So beautiful in its simplicity!

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  3. Totalling digging your floral top! Cute photos too!