The weather has been quite nice in Dallas recently. On the daily it's been around 60-70 degrees, sun shining and a light breeze - absolute perfection!

With that, I'm finding myself getting confused and purchasing things for Summer already. 

Just this past weekend I stocked up on some new (inexpensive) sunnies and a swimsuit top. A swimsuit top y'all... in February. Is that not madness? See photographic evidence below.


If you follow me on Snapchat or Instagram you already know that Victoria's Secret got the best of my this weekend. I swear it's just like Target. There is no way to leave that store without more than you went in for. 

Use me as the perfect example. 

I went in for a bra specifically. Let me explain. Not long ago I was doing a little cleaning and decided to hit up my bra drawer. I wear the same dang ones over and over, so the 20 I had in the drawer was a little obnoxious. I'd say I went a little overboard when a few days later (post trash day) I realized that I had thrown out my brand new black bra instead of my old black bra. 

Talk about a bad day. #firstworldproblems 

Anyway, long story short - I left VS with a bra, panties, swimsuit top and a free travel bag. That's when you know you did some damage... when they give you a "free" item. 

This is why I like to be busy with other things on the weekends. Shopping is fun, shopping is great... but now I need a side job! :) 

At least I'm ahead of the game for cute Summer wear. I've linked the exact swimsuit, sunglasses and a couple of cute cover-up options if you're curious.

Now, off to hit up YouTube for some Pop Sugar workouts. Gotta get this booty in shape, y'all!

More Spring and Summer must-haves coming to the blog soon. 

Thanks for following along. Thanks for reading. Love!

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  1. That top is so cute-- definitely no judgement over here... I wouldn't be able to resist either :P

    Amanda @ A Good Hue