Photo of curled hair before putting in clip-in extensions
Clip-in Extensions: c/o Irresistible Me (currently 30% off for New Years) | Curling Wand | Hairspray | Leggings | Tee 

Happy Monday, y'all! I'm posting a bit late today because well, I got to sleep in. Yeah! We have the day off and I am planning on taking full advantage. Per usual, I have a long list of to-dos, starting with sharing this post with you. 

I have been so excited to tell you guys more about the clip-in extensions I mentioned in this post. As I said before, I love them! Irresistible Me sent me their extensions to test-out and provide a full review sharing my honest opinion. And that's exactly what I plan to do. 

So let's jump in to it. 

The first photo is showing my natural hair curled with this Nume wand. Before trying extensions I thought my hair was decently long and full. After extensions I realized I was completely wrong. Ha!

The photos below show the process as well as the final look/hair. The first photo is showing putting in the first and largest piece (4-clip). The box comes with pieces including 4 clips, 3 clips, 2 clips and single clips. Each vary in thickness, and it's up to you to use them all or only a few. Here I've used the 4-clip, 3-clip and a thinner 2-clip pieces on each side. 

The first time I put these in, which was just a quick test to determine how much earlier I need to wake up to get ready. I'm a planner, what can I say? When I did that exercise, I had not watched any tutorial videos and put them in how I thought they were supposed to go. After showing Chris, he said you could tell I had extensions in and that they didn't fully match my hair. 

I knew that they didn't need to match exactly and could blend if clipped in correctly. So, I skimmed the Irresistible Me website and found this list of videos. They are so helpful and after watching and following their recommendations, I can confidently say that you could not tell, and definitely cannot see any color variations. 

One thing I liked when receiving the package is that they send you a smaller test package to open first. This gives you the chance to pull out a smaller piece and test the color against your hair before opening the full package. Mine was fine so I didn't need to return it, but I think it's awesome that you have that option if needed. 

There are also so many styles, lengths and weights to choose from. I kind of went in blind when choosing mine, but I knew that I wanted to add some length, so I went with the 18"/140g. They are a bit heavy, but my hair feels so full, giving me that Victoria Secret Angel hair so I'm not complaining! 

I'm telling you, if you try them and then take them out, you'll be so disappointed. I was skeptical at first, but these will be my go-to for events, big photoshoots - anything like that. If I didn't already have such a busy schedule, I would probably put them in more often. If you have time, do it! They are so good. 

Anyway, more about the extensions that I got. So as I mentioned I went with the 18", 140g, and the color was Silky Chocolate Brown from the Silky Touch collection. This video is helpful for comparing the colors and selecting what you think will match the best. Before watching it I thought the Silky Chocolate Brown would have been too light. I'm glad I didn't go on my gut feeling, because anything darker would have been WAY too dark. 

One recommendation I have for putting them in is to ensure that you are clipping them below a thick portion of your hair. If you get too close to the top you'll be able to see the clips. I split my hair into three sections. A small portion of my hair for the bottom layer, with the 4-clip extension directly above that. Then I let down a pretty large chunk of hair to cover the 4-clip piece and then put in the 3-clip directly above that. With those two in the back, you will have more than enough volume and thickness. 

For the two 2-clip pieces. I put them on each side. Not too close to front - you don't want to have a really long/thick piece right next to your face. I kept my natural bangs in the front and clipped in the last two pieces behind where my bangs fall. That still gives me enough hair on top to cover the side pieces and have my overall hair look seamless and extension-free.

Also, something else I want to mention when putting them in. If you have thinner or more silky/soft hair, you may want to mat up the layer/piece before clipping it. It will hold better and not feel like it may fall out. Now wouldn't that be something... ha! 

If you're thinking of trying them out (which I think you should), just watch a ton of videos to become more comfortable with them. I can always film a short video as well showing me putting them in. Sometimes trying to depict the process in photos is a bit more difficult. 

As always, I'm here for specific questions you have to. Definitely let me know if you guys try them out!

So as a recap - I love them and I highly recommend them. They are soft, easy to curl, easy to work with and leave you feeling confident. Nothing better than that! And what a great way to start the New Year? Keepin' it saucy for your Valentine's date? These would be perfect... just sayin'.

How to put it clip-in extensions

Curling clip-in extensions with Nume Wand

After photo of clip-in extensions curled with Nume wand

Long clip-in extensions curled with Nume wand



  1. Love this! I used to wear my extensions daily, but now I just pull them out for special occasions. They are so easy to use and the best for extra length and fullness.

    1. They are so great! I wasn't sure about them at first - until I wore them out. I was flipping my hair all over the place. My hubs was really annoyed. Haha!