Wearing a basic tee and sneakers

Happy Monday! Nothing like waiting until the last minute to share my currents for February, yeah? Better late than never I guess.

I'm hoping that this month's currents are not the exact as last months. Ha. I am a creature of habit. Let's jump into it!

Reading: How's Your Soul 
I talked about this book in this post. I finally dove into it and LOVE it. It is so encouraging, and also goes to show that you are not the only one going through certain things. Definitely makes you think, and I love that. It also helps that it is relatable with the world we currently live in. Highly recommend reading!

Wearing: sneakers, always. 
I can't get enough. The ones from today's look are so comfortable and under $50. I actually snagged mine in the youth sizes at DSW. I'm wearing a 6.5 youth, and I usually wear an 8 in women's. It'll save you a buck, so why not?

Doing: everything. 
What's new, right? I'm a busy little bee. I'm just trying to keep up with life - currently I feel like I'm failing - anyone else? I did take some time this past weekend to actually chill, and get caught up on some things that I've been pushing to the side. One being laundry. And maybe my house in general.

Listening to: That's What I Like by Bruno Mars. 
Um, love him. And this song... eek! It makes my heart so happy. Fave line - "I rent a beach house in Miami, wake up with no jammies". I just love that he says jammies. I can't get enough! This is the song that can get me pumped, no matter what.

Wishing For: good news from the fertility doctor. 
We're currently in our 6th or 7th round of clomid/letrozole (its hard to keep up!), and impatiently waiting for results. In the meantime we have scheduled an appointment with our doctor to discuss next steps; if the results are not what we're hoping for. Not sure if we'll move to IUI or IVF. Either way, I'm ready for the end result and will do whatever to make that happen.

Accomplishing: twelve TEN's first event + BBG. 
Our first pop-up shop was a huge success and we thank everyone who was able to come out. Your continued support is so appreciated! We are looking forward to hosting more pop-up shops/events in the future. If you're in an area outside of Dallas and would like to see us come your way, let us know! OH, and BIG NEWS - we are having a 70% off blow-out sale today. Items listed under the Last Call tab are $15 or less!! Check it out.

Also, this is such an accomplishment because I usually lose motivation quickly. I have been doing BBG workouts for about 6 weeks now. 6 weeks, y'all! I will admit, four of the weeks were an introduction into BBG for us beginners. And yes, I hadn't worked out in was feels like 3 years, so I am definitely a beginner. Either way, I'm working out and eating decent,  and I am loving it. Chris has joined me with BBG - it's much easier with a workout partner. I'm hoping that I will begin seeing  results soon and can share with you guys. I'm not there yet. But Chris says he can tell a difference, so score! SO excited.

Eating: different than before. 
I always try to eat healthy, but then queso and lattes get the best of me. Now don't get me wrong, I still have these, but I have also adjusted other areas so we call that balance. We as in I. Anyway, I have been loving avocado toast for breakfast - I eat this almost every day. For lunch I usually switch between spinach and strawberry salad, and tuna and bean salad. The tuna and bean salad is one of the meals from BBG - I've grown to love it. If you want to hear more about these, just let me know and I'll share on here.

Looking Forward To: our trip to Jackson-Hole, WY. 
By the time September rolls around you guys are going to be so sick of hearing about this. September is so far away and I feel like I've already talked about this trip a lot. I can't help it though, I'm ecstatic! If you've been before and have any recommendations on places to eat, things to do, must-sees - give me a shout! We're open to ideas. Right now I think we're going to look into a guided rafting trip - my sister told me about it, and it sounds SO fun!

Shopping For: spring goodies. 
Chris and I were supposed to go to the lake this past weekend but it didn't work out as planned. So Saturday we shot blog photos, and then decided on a whim to go shopping. Never a good idea! Well, I got a lot of cute pieces. I posted some of the pieces that I got and can't wait to shoot and share on here! If you want to see what I got - check them out here - click on the photo and it will give you direct links. Also included are these wedges that I posted about last week. They come in 3 colors and are more than half the price of the originals! If you're a shoe person like me, you NEED these.

Watching: This is Us + Deep Water Horizon. 
This Is Us - it gets me every time. Last weeks episode had me bawling. It is just so dang sad, but so dang good. Please watch this show if you haven't - one of the best series out right now, in my opinion. And have y'all watched the movie Deep Water Horizon? We watched it Saturday night and HOLY INTENSE. It was good, but it was also sad. I need a comedy in my life. What have y'all been watching?

Loving: where my life is at right now. 
Although we all have bad days and struggle with different things, I am loving where my life is at the moment. 2016 was hard for me. I was sick a lot, and got down in the dumps a few different times. For 2017 my goal is to keep my head up, trust in God and know that all is well in my life. Last year I feel like I focused on the negative and couldn't see past it. This year I'm trying to focus on the positive... except for when I get a parking ticket taking blog photos. Which actually, today's look is the one that I was shooting when I got the ticket. Coincidence? Maybe.

How to style a basic tee

Casual weekend look with a basic tee and sneakers

Adidas Neo Lite Racer sneakers in gray

Hope everyone has a great week! Thanks for reading, sharing, liking and following.

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