And just like that, we're out of the first trimester! Hallelujah!

Actually, I can't complain. The sickness did not has not hit me like I thought it would (knock on wood), and I am beyond thankful for that. I dealt with stomach issues/constant nausea before I got pregnant, so I just knew I would be hovering over the toilet for the first 13 weeks. I haven't been in that position yet, although, the nausea still hit me pretty strong more than a few times.

I'll be glad when all of that subsides.

So moving forward, I figured I would do something similar to my currents, but with how things have been going for the pregnancy. I'll probably do these updates more often the further I get along, but I thought it would be a bit obnoxious to tell you how I'm feeling every single week at the very beginning. Let's get to it.

Weeks pregnant: 14 weeks 3 days!

Size of babies: The babies are about the size of a nectarine this week. Can you believe it?! Two lemons in there... crazy.

How I'm feeling: A little less tired, but not completely back to normal. Anxious. Worried. Excited. Basically any emotion you can feel at the moment. Overall, I'm feeling pretty good!

Pains:  At the beginning a ton of cramping. I was kind of nervous, but the doctor said it was my uterus getting ready for a baby. And then we found out there were two. So double duty on the cramping. Other than that, it's really just been tailbone pain. When I do a lot on the weekends, or when I sit all day it works it gets pretty bad. I'll probably be walking around with a fluffy pillow in the coming weeks.

What I'm eating: This entire first trimester has been filled with junk food galore. Seriously. Give me all the chips, cookies, donuts, and candy - sour candy! Also, I ate Whataburger for the first time in two years... y'all, this pregnancy has me all messed up. BUT, this past week I actually craved a salad two times... PTL. I hope to get back to normal soon.

What I'm craving: Sno-cones. For real! A syrup-y sno-cone... ugh.

Sleeping: Okay. I think I toss and turn more than I did before. And within the last couple of weeks, I wake up around 3:00-3:30 every morning, and am up for at least 30 minutes to an hour. No idea why.

Wearing: Mostly my normal clothes, but keeping the tees a little more on the loose side. Right now it  just looks like I've eaten a few too many cookies (which I have!). I bought a pair of maternity pants and shorts, but have yet to wear them. I feel like mine still fit, so I'm gonna stick with those for a bit longer.

Wishing: To know the genders. It's killing me! I have no idea how people wait to find out. I am ready to start preparing for these two, and I can't really start until I know what they are. Also, I think it will be different when I can put a name with Baby A and Baby B, and really start to bond with them. Hurry up, time!

Babies Moving: Not really that I can feel right now. Although, I had some stomach pain the other night, and was pushing around on my belly. I could feel a little knot, which I'm assuming is baby. And then it grew into a little bit of a bigger spot, and I could totally see it popping out. It was fun! I hope it happens again soon.

Loving: Watching Chris be so excited. The babies have already taken my place. He talks about them first, kisses them first... and then says hi to me. Ha! What the heck - I just got tossed to the side.

Doing: Well, over-thinking everything. Pinning nursery, baby shower, maternity outfits, and maternity photo ideas. Reading how to bring home TWO babies, and a baby bargains book. And also filling out their baby book. My aunt got me this one from Etsy. I love it! It's been fun filling in all of the blanks, too.

Upcoming: We finally have another doctors appointment this Friday. With seeing the fertility doctor, we saw the babies every. single. week. Do you know how much that spoils you?! When we transitioned to my OB, we've had to wait a month since our last appointment, and it is killing us! I found myself worrying about them more.

Basically, I've been feeling pretty well, but some things are different (of course!) as my body prepares for two babies. I am glad to be out of the first trimester, but also scared that 13 weeks is already gone. Where did the time go?! November will be here before we know it, and we have a lot to do!

I'll keep you guys updated on what's going on, and start sharing baby bump pictures soon. Yay! In the meantime, please continue to pray for Chris and I, and good health for these two little babies.

XOXO. Until next time.


  1. So fun!! I love the update! I can't wait to buy stuff for Baby A and Baby B :)

  2. So happy for you! Congrats! -Jenipher